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Knowing the Internal Structure of a Car Engine with MOC V8 Engine Bricks

Today we will learn how to build a simple V8 engine model building block. Yes, you heard it right, it’s the V8 engine of the car! let’s start!

First, we need to build an engine base with building blocks. This base will use the same layout as the real V-engine to accurately represent its appearance.

Next, in a few simple steps, we will assemble the main components such as the piston, crankshaft and connecting rod using a few simple building block parts. These components are an important part of the engine and will make the entire unit move.

When you assemble all the parts, a complete V8 engine model is completed. At this point, you may want to know what each part does exactly. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a tip for you to make it easy to understand what each part is called and what it does.

Now, let’s build a drivetrain. With it, the engine is no longer a static machine. Attach a small motor and get your engine revving and roaring loudly.

To help you better understand how this model really performs, we bring you some pictures of the actual V8 engine. These pictures will give you a better idea of how accurate this model is.

In short, this V8 engine model is a relatively simple work, but it fully demonstrates the characteristics of the car’s V8 engine. Viewed from the side, its layout is V-shaped, and it also uses related parts to restore the main structure of the engine. By building this model, you will learn more about the internal structure and working principles of a car engine.

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