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7 Easy Steps to Assemble a Working Mini MOC Engine Kits

Building an engine model with blocks is a very fun activity that allows children to learn how to assemble an engine while playing.

1. Preparation stage

1. Open the package: First, open the package and take out all the building block parts. Make sure every part is intact and not missing or damaged.
2. Read the drawings: Carefully read the accompanying drawings to understand each step and required components. If possible, involve children in reading and discussion together.

2. Assembly stage

Here are some simple steps to help you complete this fun task with your kids.

Step One: Preparation

You will need to prepare some building blocks, which can be made of wood, plastic, or other materials. You will also need some tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc. Finally, you will need to develop one of the engine assembly drawings provided by Medievalbrick, which will help you better understand how the engine is constructed and assembled.

Step 2: Assemble the chassis

You need to assemble the chassis of the engine bricks. Assemble the various parts of the chassis according to the instructions on the drawing. This may require you to use some tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers. Make sure every component is installed correctly on the chassis.

Step 3: Assemble the engine

Here are some detailed steps and suggestions when preparing your kids to assemble their engine blocks:

1. Assemble the base: According to the instructions in the drawing, assemble the building blocks of the base part together. Pay attention to ensure it is stable and avoid loosening.
2. Assemble the engine: Assemble the various building blocks of the engine according to the instructions in the drawing. Be careful not to use excessive force to avoid damaging the parts.
3. Assemble the transmission system: Next, assemble the various parts of the transmission system together according to the drawings, including gears, shafts and other related parts.
4. Assemble the piston and cylinder: According to the instructions on the drawing, assemble the building blocks of the piston and cylinder parts together. Make sure the piston rings are installed correctly and that the cylinder and piston fit tightly.
5. Assemble the crankcase: Assemble the crankcase parts together and make sure they are stable. Then insert the crankshaft into the crankcase.
6. Assemble the valve mechanism: Assemble the various parts of the valve mechanism, such as valves, rocker arms, etc. Make sure the valve springs are installed correctly and adjust rocker arm height and position.
7. Assemble the fuel system: According to the drawing instructions, assemble all parts of the fuel system, including fuel injectors, fuel pumps, etc.

3. Testing Phase

1. Start the test: After completing all assembly, you can try to start the building block car according to the steps on the drawing. If everything is fine, you should be able to hear the engine and see the car running.
2. Adjustment and optimization: If you encounter problems or abnormalities, you can adjust the assembly steps or fine-tune the building blocks according to the actual situation.

These steps and precautions should help children learn and assemble engine blocks in a safe and fun environment. Adult guardians should provide guidance and assistance during the process to ensure children’s safety and sense of achievement.

After completing the above steps, your brick engine is complete. This is a really fun activity that allows kids to learn how to assemble an engine while having fun. At the same time, this is also a very beneficial activity that can help children develop their hands-on skills and creativity.

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