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Download Manuals

How to download MOC Bricks building instructions

You can get instructions for MOC bricks by following the instructions below! Happy building!

Types of building block instructions

  • Paper instructions
  • Digital instructions

How to get paper instructions?

Paper instructions are inside the packaging box. You can see it directly after opening the package!

How to Get digital instructions?

Our online manuals include QR codes or USB flash drives.
  • The QR code :
1. The instructions are on the outer packaging of the product
2.Scan the QR code with your mobile phone
3. Copy the google drive link on the top of your phone to Google Chrome and jump to open it directly
4.Download your building block instructions(As shown below)
  • The USB flash drive:

 Shipped with the product. Please check whether there is a USB flash drive when opening the product box.

  • Tip: 

If you receive the building block package and cannot find any USB flash drive or QR code in the package, please contact us by email to request the electronic manual.!



What if my building block instructions are missing?

Contact customer service!

Still have a question?

Happy Building!

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