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Missing a piece from your MOC Brick?

medievalbrick missing piece template

we’re sorry that something was missing from your new MOC bricks set. Don’t worry though, we can send the part you need directly to your home.

Why Do Missing Parts Occur?

There are almost 8000 moc pieces with 110 different colors. At Medievalbrick, every order is custom-made, consisting of numerous individual pieces carefully handpicked by our operators. 

For instance, when fulfilling an order of 500 parts, our operators must retrieve items from 500 different boxes and accurately sort them into the appropriate bags. With varying quantities per item, ranging from 2 to 50 pieces, this meticulous process is essential but challenging to achieve a 100% accuracy rate. We greatly appreciate your understanding in this matter, as we continuously strive to improve our operations.

What to Do When You Are Missing A MOC Piece?

We offer one replacement request per order to address any missing parts.

To request replacements, please contact us with the specific Excel Template we require, containing the part ID, color ID, and quantities. And we’ll appreciate it very much if you can add a picture of the missing part and the number of pages in the manual corresponding to the part.

If you encounter any unusual situations involving a significant number of missing parts, please reach out to us directly. Providing a missing parts document is optional but not required.

Our after-sales team will reply to your information as soon as possible within working days. After the approval, we will arrange replacement parts service for you free of charge.

Please note that the processing time for missing parts is the same as for regular orders.

Important. Only the Medievalbrick Missing Part Template is accepted! Please don’t transfer the excel into PDF. Otherwise it’s hard for us to edit it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When Does the Guarantee Begin?

    The guarantee period starts on the day you receive your parcels. We kindly request that you inspect the contents upon delivery. The sooner you contact us with any issues, the faster we can liaise with the factory to provide replacements.

  • What Isn't Covered by the Guarantee?

    The guarantee does not cover orders placed outside of For most products, if you only lose a few pieces, we can check if they are in stock and send you replacements. You will be responsible for the shipping fees.
    Products that have been improperly used or damaged by the customer.
    If you did not receive the package due to incorrect personal information provided, it is not covered by the guarantee.

  • How Do I Claim the Guarantee?

    Before submitting a claim, please refer to the specific product descriptions or FAQs for troubleshooting suggestions. If you believe the item is covered under the guarantee, please submit a Return or Exchange request to contact us.

  • What Is a Valid Proof of Purchase?

    A valid proof of purchase includes your order number, email address, and full name as registered on

  • What If I Don't Have Any Proof of Purchase?

    If you made your purchase through, please provide your order email address, name, or shipping address to assist us in locating your order.

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