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🔥MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

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Prototype History

“The medieval castle was primarily a fortified structure which usually housed the lord owning it and his family. The overall nature of the castle was military, so affairs related to military formed one of the most important aspects of life within the castle. Since the lord of the castle was often required to appear with his men-at-arms whenever his overlord or the King summoned him, the lord had to keep a large body of troops and train them in military combat. Some of these directly served the lord in fighting, others were tasked with looking after the procurement and maintenance of horses, weapons and other battlefield equipment.”


Medieval Lions’ Castle


Product six-bit map

“A Castle to match your brand new Medieval Blacksmith!

Now that we have an official medieval themed set, it’s time for an actual castle. It needs to be detailed and pretty big not to look silly next to the Blacksmith building. Nothing is known about such a set coming any time soon from LEGO, the 3 in 1 Creator being a different category – so I decided to design one for You!

The exterior represents a “realistic” medieval fortification, without purely “fantasy” elements. It consists of a large keep and a courtyard surrounded by a curtain wall, stables, two towers and a gatehouse.

The interiors are spacious and have some basic furniture and accessories, including tables, chairs, beds and fireplaces. One fireplace is fitted with red light brick. I did not include floor tiling and advanced decorations, so as to keep the style compatible with the Medieval Blacksmith!”

Detail pictures

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

Internal details

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

Internal details

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

Internal details

Real detail pictures from customers

Video of Medieval Lions’ Castle

Colorful package

Color box packaging video

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