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About  Medievalbrick

Welcome to the medievalbrick website of HK Chuangteng Trade Co Limited , company established on March-20th , 2020.  Company Address :Room 1101D, Lippo Sun Plaza, 28 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.Our company is legally operated, and the business it operates is governed by the laws of Hong Kong.

Medievalbrick Mission is to unite medieval bricks MOCers as a community and provide a convenient platform for exchanging news and content,which is a leading team to collect and share only Medieval MOCS. is a brilliant resource for any MOC medieval blocks fan to find fantastic medieval MOCs (My Own Creation) and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Please look around our site and enjoy the journey of MOC middle ages
No hassle. 

Where the Middle Ages Begin

Our purpose is to create a greater online presence for MOC medieval blocks lines and provide a comprehensive resource for everything medieval bricks, where you can find related themes like social classes of the Middle Ages, castle styles, types of medieval architechtures and interesting medieval culture behind MOC medieval bricks. The medieval MOC has always won wide acclaim. This theme boasts a very distict charm, which is to “stimulate everyone’s imagination.” The medieval building block is not only a collection of art, but also a microcosm of an era for the middle ages and the cultural value nurtured during the period.

100% Original Instructions​

Just place an order of any MOC. An original instructions will be sent along with your parcel. Of course, we will make more paper instructions if neccessories.

So far, Medievalbrick had exclusive licensing deals with 100+ designers, and we’re gradually adding information about designers, similar to what Rebrickable is doing. We are also actively advocating for designers to patent their work, here is one of the links:

At the same time, we actively cooperate with youtuber and establish a good brand image .


Best Bricks Quality​​

Medievalbrick promises to customer the best MOC bricks for  every MOC sets, the same quality as most of the top brick brands with an affordable price.

Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen, China, where there is cheap labor and a mature supply chain system, and our bricks are produced from here. The main suppliers we cooperate with are In Guangzhou, many first-line building block brands have close cooperation with them. They have advanced machinery and equipment, and have rich experience in the production and quality inspection of building block parts.

Work with 100+ MOC Designers ​



Medievalbrick works with many top MOC designers. A cetain amount commission of every sale will be offered to the designer of the MOC for their amazing MOC designs, also as a way to show our support in their creative endeavours.

24hrs responsive customer service



Our team is always here for you. We want to hear your feedbacks on our MOC sets. So we can update and make it better and better. Custom MOC service is also provided here too.


Medievalbrick is also the best source for AFOL communities and custom buildings. If you can’t find your favorite MOC medieval bricks here, you can upload a document and submit a parts list to contact us:

At the same time, we welcome excellent medieval designers to join us and cooperate with us. At present, the number of designers we have cooperated with has exceeded one hundred. Not only can we obtain sales revenue, but also greatly increase personal popularity. If you want to sell your designs, please contact us


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