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Holiday Shipping Tips to Gear Up for the Seasonal Rush


Yes. The biggest Holiday Season is around the corner, and medievalbrick has the full holiday gift guide for all your Medieval Themed MOC hobby needs! The medievalbrick Holiday Gift Guide will be hosting the best savings MOC of the year on Medieval Castle , Medieval Village , Medieval Scene , Viking Style Build ,Medieval Accessories , Street View Modular ,Movie Scene MOCs, other Christmas gifts, and more!

Plus, we’ll have additional special offers and gift for VIP Customer . Our holiday gift guide contains everything, gear up for yourself for all ages. Don’t forget to check back often! Buy early, the holidays will arrive soon! Make sure to share your wishlist with friends and family members for Christmas and new year 2023!

In some aspects, we hope MOC fans can spend less money to buy high-quality mocs and have their favorite medieval castle MOCs. Fortunately, the designers we worked with designed many beautiful medieval castles. These designs include stone castles, Gothic castles, Roman castles, etc. Please do not hesitate to prepare a perfect Christmas gift for medieval moc lovers. For just $100 or more, it guarantees hours of silent frustration and fun! Gentlemen, click it, grab the stockings!

If your friends or your families like medival village culture, and he or she is moc fans, trust me, they prefer spending the day with building village themed moc. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas day gift for your partner, take the hint and look no further than our Christmas Day gift guide Let’s build a beautiful medival village Build at home. If the delivery of these village moc is delayed, please do not blame us, because their inventory is limited.

If you like large buildings, don’t leave. Some famous architectural designs are here.Magic Fairy Town, Paris Modular Building and The Seven rings-Part A Super Large Building Assembly quantity reaches tens of thousands of parts ,It can satisfy your yearning for large buildings.If you’re stumped at what to buy Large Building Block MOC in your life, never tangle —medivalbrick’s Holiday Gift Guides are here!

Looking for gift ideas for small medieval scenes? We also provide various scenes for your children! Winter village scene, guard house, sailing boat, medival hotel, Barn and Stable are among the best gifts for Christmas and New Year. kids like to build them. This is a great brain teaser and perfect family time. Prepare a surprise for the children, or add some scenes to your castle! Add the cart for your loved ones with DIY gifts!

If you’re interested in Viking culture or Gothic architecture, don’t leave. Out of love for Viking culture, the design book has designed some Viking village-themed works, including Viking series and winter series. There are Viking series houses, restaurants, ships, porches, Viking Tower, etc. If you don’t know how to match the scene, you can just buy a whole set and never struggle—medivalbrick’s holiday gift guide is here!

Some classic pirate series works are collected in here, such as Pirate Bay, Pirate Town, Pirate Island, Pirate Ship, etc. Not only are the pieces beautiful to look at, but they also inspire creativity, and you can tell your own imaginative stories around the models. Are you sure your kids or family members don’t want to have one? Indulge this holiday season but most of all enjoy your or your family’s hobby!

Other Scene MOC

It has very rich military scenes and military tanks. These products would make a great gift, boys will enjoy it!

If you like streetscapes of modern street view modular building blocks, these works will not let you down !

with many realistic movie details to perfectly recreate the setting and environment of the magical movie world.

Medieval Brick Accessories

106Pcs Custom Medieval Brick Figure Weapon Helmet Armor Kit
100Pcs Custom Medieval Brick Figure Weapon Helmet Armor Kit
50Pcs Medieval Ancient Rome Greece Egypt Style  Figure Weapon Armor Kit

56Pcs Ancient Greek Ancient Roman Medieval Figure Weapon Armor Building Block Kit

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The best gift guide recommendations! From from kids、mother and father to moc fans and designer , we’ve got you covered. There’s something for everyone on your list from gifts for teenagers, co-workers, parents and more.Welcome tp share medievalbrick gift guide with your friends. Share your wishlist or purchase a medievalbrick Gift Card for the hobbyist that seems to have it all! medievalbrick makes the season less stressful with our safe pay and biggest promotion via PayPal & Credit Cards as well!

It has very rich military scenes and military tanks. These products would make a great gift, boys will enjoy it!

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