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Jing Blocks Bring Players A New Building Experience

Interview : @JING Blocks

Interviewing Company: Guangdong Qunlong Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Moderator:  Miss Chen

 Jing Blocks building blocks to bring players a new building experience with the best experience !

1. Your company brought a brand new brand to this exhibition. What is the origin and planning of this brand?


@JING Blocks: Refined brick building blocks are shown at the exhibition for the first time. We also hope that more customers and friends will know us at this grand gathering. There are many building blocks brands on the market, and building block manufacturers are competing for each other. The quality level of building block parts varies. together. The birth of fine brick building blocks means a new era of building blocks. We will bring higher-quality building block parts, and bring players a new build with parts with higher precision, higher fit and higher gloss. experience.

2. At present, there are many brands of building blocks on the market. How do you plan your own development path for fine brick building blocks?


@JING Blocks: What we do is a high-precision building block route, which brings a better experience to consumers and improves the quality of Chinese building blocks; we serve B-end customers, and we have high-end precision equipment and advanced equipment. Our team of engineers has fully ensured the level of production capacity and quality. We welcome customers and friends to negotiate and jointly create high-end building block products.



3. What are the advantages of refined brick building blocks in production and operation?


@JING Blocks: The premise of precision production is high-end equipment configuration. We currently have precision mold manufacturing and processing centers, including: Heidelberg printing press, GF machining center CNC, MAINKO spark machine, GF slow wire walking, Gangmoto grinding machine, Hexagon Three-dimensional testing, etc., the equipment comes from Switzerland, Japan and other countries, ensuring quality and efficiency in production and supply. In addition, we provide building blocks, accessories packages, and finished products, and realize integrated services from product design, processing, testing, packaging, delivery, logistics and other dimensions.



4. Are the upcoming challenges foreseen? How does the plan respond?

@JING Blocks: The competition in the building block market is fierce, and the big and small brands will end. The living environment will be more challenging when the building block market is full of vitality. We are down-to-earth in the creation of quality, truly speak with quality, and establish a high-quality brand image.



5. Are the upcoming challenges foreseen? How does the plan respond?


JING Blocks: medievalbrick website is the same as ours, which is to bring players a new building experience with the best possible experience! As a new website, Medieval Website is developing very fast and has an excellent operation team. I believe that our cooperation can achieve a win-win situation!


Jing Blocks is our new partner supplier for medievalbrick, and we launched a free trial event with him. In the next few days, we will send out 10 sets of free samples one after another, looking forward to user feedback!

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