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Top 5 Best Pirate Series Sets For Gift In 2022

Looking for distinctive pirate series MOCs? Always feeling indecisive when choosing the sets? Just let go of your worries for the time being since we offer some real stuff here!

Why not create a larger and more complete pirate themed scene by adding more out- of-this-world MOCs to it? Perhaps the thought has crept into your mind and all you need to do is check out the top 5 best pirate series MOC sets in 2022 described below.



MOC-114510 Port Sauvage Pirate Town 


.The small french pirate town named “Port Sauvage” (Wild Port), with the obligatory tavern (the “Leviathan”, with genuine skulls of the legendary sea-monster), a watchtower, a prison, and a huge warehouse. At the quay of the port lies the “Loup de mer” (Wolf of the Seas), a pirate ship that provides the necessary riches to keep the settlement alive. The full MOC measures a total of 9 baseplates, each of which is a modular build. To breathe life into the town there are a lot of crates, barrels and chests scattered around and stored in the different levels of the warehouse.

.Originally designed by _brickjester_, the MOC set includes 14428 parts made of premium ABS. It consists of multiple buildings surrounded by large and small ships, docks, trees and rocks, which restores a relatively complete scene without being displayed with other MOCs. Dominated by brown, MOC-114510 also adopts black, gray, green and other colors, providing a a mysterious and solemn feeling. Take apart each floor of the buildings so that a variety of interior details can be found. The large pirate ship still catch peoples eyes even without being displayed with the buildings, because the details on it, such as the turret, decks, anchor, lights, etc., will not let you down.


Skull Island Pirate Series MOC Set

.The skull island contains two main mountain ranges, the larger of which is in the shape of a human skull. The skull mountain is filled with caves and passages carved by natural erosion, but also man-made. In the early days, these islanders often used them to hide from monsters on the surface, but they proved to be dangerous.

.Designed by szandris89, the 1132-piece MOC set presents the classic image of Skull Island through a giant skull statue (treasures and other important objects could be stored inside). In addition, it comes with other fancy details such as the gun-deck, boat, palms, etc., which is icing on the cake. You are able to look inside the skull statue by removing the top instead of just looking at the outside of it.

Royal Fleet Corsair Pirate Series

.The 3162-piece MOC revisits the classics through the exquisite styling. Made of eco-friendly & odor-free plastic, the set features smooth surface for safe assembly and layered structure for free disassembly.

.Rich decoration on board can be seen at a glance, in addition the ship is designed with realistic details such as the masts, square sails, cannons, etc. Cabins and decks can be quickly disassembled, thus the amazing interior structure & details are able to reveal themselves in plain sight.

.Coming with the linkage mechanism, the assembled MOC boasts cannons that are able to fire shells, which offers endless build-and-play fun. 


Medieval Pirate Castle



.A medieval castle is predominantly by the nobility or royalty and by military orders.

The castle is usually built in the place that is heavily guarded, which makes it suffused with an air of grandeur and mystery.

.The 1498PCS+ MOC perfectly restores a castle for defense from the authentic exterior coming with classic white walls & reddish brown top edges to the delicate interior full of rich details including tables, chairs, wells and other basic furniture. No matter from which angle you look at the castle, you can definitely feel its solemn atmosphere. Every detail is carefully designed and created, though the size of the castle is not very large. The castle is also surrounded by some small plants full of life and a small wooden boat.


MOC-71657 Pirate Theme Sabre Island

.Designed & authorized by SleeplessNight, MOC-71657 includes 1440 pieces, restoring the Sabre Island where a tower defensing against pirates was built. Unlike other towers, this is a building with flawless exterior coming in bright colors. The tower can be disassembled into three main parts: the ground floor, the second floor and the top; a variety of hidden details can be found once you remove them layer by layer. There is also a command room for observing pirate activities and a small harbor where ships can berth.

.Compatible with MOC-21322, the Sabre Island makes the whole scene more complete and realistic.

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Here are some factors you need to consider before ordering MOCs on line:

Quality Assurance

Quality is of paramount importance. To ensure that there is no harm coming of the bricks and parts to the body while building MOCs, you need to be more careful when choosing the products. Pay attention to the material of the MOC that you are viewing as it is the most important factor affecting the color, safety, toughness of the building blocks and how bricks fit together with each other.


Cost Performance

The ability of a product to deliver various performance for its price has become a crucial factor for people to decide whether to buy a product. The more cost-effective your product is, the better your experience of MOC building will be. How to find and  buy pirate series MOC sets of high quality at a lower price is something you have to think about.


Customer Service

It would be necessary for you to compare the pre-sales & after-sales service of different products, such as the special service, shipping, return & exchange and reissuing service. The after-sales service, in particular, somehow determines the final experience that the product brings to customers.

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Trust Worthy Services

.Free  Shipping : There is no need for you to worry about freight charges.

.Secure Payment Platfrom :Medievalbrick provides reliable transaction and delivery policies.

.Return & Exchange Service :Medievalbrick supports free return and exchange service for wrong items delivered.

.Free Replacement Service :For any missing or damaged parts, provides free replacement service.

.Customized Service :Medievalbrick offers customized brick parts & color services and gives designers opportunities to show their works.

High Cost Performance

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Final Thoughts

I’m sure you now have a clearer idea of how to select the most satisfactory pirate series MOC sets for yourself with higher efficiency. Anyways, hope the above suggestions are useful to you~

Sometimes it depends on luck to get a satisfactory MOC out of so many products. However, it may not be a problem when you are given some tips & tricks. Now just enjoy your trip of shopping!

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