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What did Rabbits Symbolize in Medieval Times?

Medieval Rabbits

Easter is around the corner. When we think of Easter, we usually think of rabbits. Rabbits usually give birth to a large litter of babies, and legend has it that Easter bunnies lay, decorate and hide eggs, so they are a symbol of new life. But you know what? Medieval artists also liked to paint violent bunnies in the midst of murderous atrocities. Medieval art is really strange, and no one knows why rabbits are depicted in this way.
Symbols of Evil

Medieval killer rabbits

It is reported that in the concept of medieval people, rabbits have reached the point of flooding due to their strong reproductive ability, just as evil spreads rapidly and harms the world. Therefore, in the Middle Ages people used the rabbit as a symbol of evil. In many tribal cultures, rabbits are often used as scheming, complacent, and demagogic creatures.

For example, stories such as the race of the tortoise and the hare and the Virgin catching the rabbit all reflect the cunning and proud side of the rabbit. For example, in ancient Greek mythology and African Bushmen folklore, rabbits are scheming villains. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, the rabbit was a symbol of evil and darkness.

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