PDF Instruction for Triton Warship MOC

PDF Instruction for Triton Warship MOC


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PDF Instruction for Triton Warship MOC Building Blocks Set


TRITON is a war brig with two masts, both square-rigged, equipped with 12 cannons and two lighter, but deadly accurate, swivel guns. She is known for her speed and exceptional manoeuvrability, so much that a skilled captain could turn her around almost on the spot. No wonder why she quickly became Imperial Soldiers prized ship and principal threat to all pirates still daring to plunder the Brick Seas.
With Captain Redbeard still missing and presumed dead (while actually marooned on the Barracuda Bay), remaining scattered pirates are facing their darkest hour in their battle for independence from the Imperial rule. They need to find a way to deal with TRITON, or perish!

The design was inspired by the tragic story of the real ship TRITON (1836-1859) which sailed under the Imperial and Royal War Navy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She was sunk by a magazine explosion on 9 May 1859 at her anchorage outside the cursed island of Lokrum, near Dubrovnik in the Adriatic Sea.

MOC was first designed in and later built and tested using the 100% legal build techniques and real bricks. The overall design is sturdy, and both masts are reinforced by long technic axles and firmly anchored with the help of long masts riggings.
To maximize playability and enable easier access to the ship’s interior, both the poop-deck and middle section of the main deck can be easily removed without any loss of structural integrity.
The model does not float.

Instructions come with ‘How-To’ tutorial for making the sails. No special equipment required other than scissors, some fabric (dark blue t-shirt will do) and a printer to print 1:1 scale drawings of the sails. Thin brown rope for rigging is also welcomed to have


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