MOC-98942 Viking Ship (3)
MOC-98942 Viking Ship -By Brick_boss_pdf
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MOC-98942 Viking Ship -By Brick_boss_pdf


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MOC-98942 Viking Ship (3)
This item: MOC-98942 Viking Ship -By Brick_boss_pdf
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MOC-98942 Viking Ship

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“Longships were a type of specialised Scandinavian warships that have a long history in Scandinavia, with their existence being archaeologically proven[1] and documented from at least the fourth century BC. Originally invented and used by the Norsemen (commonly known as the Vikings) for commerce, exploration, and warfare during the Viking Age, many of the longship’s characteristics were adopted by other cultures , like Anglo-Saxons, and continued to influence shipbuilding for centuries. The longship’s design evolved over many centuries, and continuing up until the 6th century with clinker-built ships like Nydam and Kvalsund. The longship appeared in its complete form between the 9th and 13th centuries. The character and appearance of these ships have been reflected in Scandinavian boat-building traditions to the present day. The particular skills and methods employed in making longships are still used worldwide, often with modern adaptations. They were all made out of wood, with cloth sails (woven wool) and had several details and carvings on the hull.”  


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