5345Pcs MOC-89142 Krylhan Castle Model Medieval St
MOC-89142 Medieval Krylhan Castle (By Peeters Kevin)
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MOC-89142 Medieval Krylhan Castle (By Peeters Kevin)

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MOC-89142 Krylhan Castle Model Medieval Style Building Blocks MOC Toy STEM Set (By Peeters Kevin)


DesignerPeeters Kevin
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From designers Peeters Kevin :

Textured castle walls with ornate and abstract decorations serve as artwork, mimicking medieval life through dreamlike lenses. He brings us the castle of his dreams, a towering castle with fine woodworking perched on a rocky outcrop and surrounded by water on all sides. Let’s take a look at this dollhouse-style model that Kevin calls Krylhan Castle.

-The exterior of the model shows a variety of techniques from wall masonry to angles and illustrations of wooden dwelling sections, and Kevin shows us what he knows about the system. Tank treads are used for the main windows and wheels are used for the chimney above. Offsets and layered panels help achieve the textured and curved look of the roof. The display base is a great anchor point into the world around the castle, while still keeping the focus on its tall, slender, ornate architecture.

-The back of the display is cut out like a toy house, allowing us to appreciate the interior design of the various rooms of the castle. Although this is freestanding, modular bases and cutouts like this one can help open the model without actually taking it apart.

-The entrance features some furniture and a hanging candelabra with weapons and a barrel of…something perched on top of some lug wrenches.

-The next room over, potions are being brewed. Jars and a lamp are sitting on the wall, waiting to be filled or used for a magical brew.

-The second floor is a kitchen with logs next to the fireplace and a lovely door made with plates and wands. A microscope sits on the cabinet hinting at this obscure crew’s mystic interests.

-Next to the kitchen is a washroom with a coat rack. I’ll admit that I’ve never seen chocolate frogs and the One Ring used like that.

-A small room is tucked away in the upper portion of the castle. The bed sits at the base of bay windows with a beautiful cabinet against the wall with a clock insert. This view also gives you a closer look at the masonry technique that Kevin used for the walls.

-And at the top of the tower is an observatory with a telescope built around an astrolabe. There might not be a close-up of the final section but really, this model is a sight to behold all as one.



Castle suit made with medieval movie references. The castle does not adopt the common appearance of the market, but is designed to stand on the shore of the rock, by the main castle and medieval style building roof. The interior features a variety of daily necessities, which open at the back like a doll’s house for easy access and viewing.

.After assembled, it is a collectable display model and background decoration; It is conducive to early childhood education and makes ideal gifts and prizes for the back-to-school season and holidays.
.There are small particles inside, pay attention to safe use and storage, suitable for over 6 years old. If you meet any problems during the assembly process, please contact us in time.


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5345Pcs MOC-89142 Krylhan Castle Model Medieval St 5345Pcs MOC-89142 Krylhan Castle Model Medieval St 5345Pcs MOC-89142 Krylhan Castle Model Medieval St 5345Pcs MOC-89142 Krylhan Castle Model Medieval St

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