MOC-167857 Gothic Cathedral Sanctum for Bestial Building Blocks Set 18222PCS
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MOC-167857 Gothic Cathedral Sanctum for Bestial Building Blocks Set 18222PCS


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.Introduction: Designed and authorized by Pontus_Gehrmann_MOCS, this model is based on the famous Sanctuary from the well-known 3A game. The building contains three almost identical walls that are detailed just like in the game, some sort of square in front of the building, and a large darkness topped with a red dome. The building is surrounded by deep red vegetation, as well as a pile of rocks, small abandoned buildings, some trees, and the strange looking creature in front of the gate.
.Contains 18222 premium parts made of eco-friendly ABS material in precise casting for strong tightness and stability. Besides, the premium parts, in rich colors, are free of burrs and edges, ensuring safe assembly.
.Detailed Instructions: Comes with QR code instructions with illustrations which can be acquired by scanning with your phone. The steps are detailed and easy to understand, helping you quickly assemble.
.Value: The assembled model is a great display model and background decor for cultivating practical and thinking ability. Also the perfect gift for block collectors, magic game world lovers, Legend of Zelda fans, and block castle enthusiasts.
.Notes: Suitable for children over 16+. Small particles are attached inside, please pay attention to the use and placement. If you encounter any problems during the assembling process, please contact us promptly.
.Background: The Bestial Sanctum might be the first location in Dragonbarrow that players encounter, as you’ll be teleported here after chatting with D, Hunter of the Dead, and taking the Waygate in East Limgrave.
You’ll find Gurranq, Beast Clergyman here—an NPC eternally hungry to devour death. You can give him Deathroot in exchange for different goods. Be careful after giving him the 4th Deathroot, as Gurranq will become hostile. You’ll need to deal a certain amount of damage to calm him down before being able to interact with him again.
Outside of the Bestial Sanctum is the field boss Black Blade Kindred, guarding the entrance to the refuge and defeating this boss when early in the game can prove challenging.
You can find the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman on the bottom level of the structure below the cliffs surrounding the Bestial Sanctum. You’ll need to jump down the big roots to the west of the bestial sanctum to make it down.
From there you’ll want to carefully make your way down the structures until you see some Vampire Bats and Sanctuary Stones scattered on the floor; you want to stay in this corner—hugging the cliffs as you jump down. Keep moving across the platform and pick up the Cinqueda from the beast’s corpse. Not far from here is the noble’s corpse holding the Dragoncrest Talisman.


.Material: ABS
.Product Weight: 17800g
.Package Weight: 18800g
.Product Dimensions: 90 × 82 × 84cm
.Package Dimensions: 48 × 35 × 10cm
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 16+


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