medievalbrick-MOC-167273 Black Knights-Dragon Slayers' Castle Medieval Bricks Model building blocks by MidiBricks
MOC-167273 Black Knights-Dragon Slayers’ Castle Medieval Bricks Model building blocks by MidiBricks

MOC-167273 Black Knights-Dragon Slayers’ Castle Medieval Bricks Model building blocks by MidiBricks


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.Dragon Slayer’s City is a castle built by the Black Knight on a rocky mountain peak. A ballista on top of the main tower allows you to spot dragons from afar. A drawbridge with arrows guards the entrance. Inside the castle’s courtyard, you’ll find a forge, a well, a wood stockpile, and a stable. Below ground, there’s a dungeon and food storage in case of siege. The ground floor houses the kitchen and armory. The first floor has a chapel, a great hall, and the king’s office. The second floor is the king’s bedroom and treasury. Finally, the wizard has set up his laboratory on the tower’s top floor.
.Made from eco-friendly ABS material, this set includes 2602 high-quality parts in precision casting and molding, ensuring a tight fit with no looseness. The parts free from burrs or jagged edges, are smooth and vibrant in color, with a scratch-free surface. The assembly process is extremely safe.
.Detailed Instructions: With QR code instructions, easy to understand. Electronic instructions will be sent with package to ensure quick assembly.
.The finished set is a good display model and background decoration, perfect as a gift for novice blocks, block collectors, and street view lovers. Also cultivates your hands-on, thinking and creative abilities.
.Notes: Figures are not included. For small parts inside, pay attention to use and placement. You can contact us if there is any problem.
.Background: Schloss Lichtenstein is a historic-style palace built in the 19th century in the district of Reutlingen in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Perched on a steep cliff in the Echaz River valley, on the northwest side of the Swabian Alps, it stands at an elevation of approximately 817 meters. About 500 meters southeast of the castle lies the ruins of the medieval Old Lichtenstein Castle.
The original Old Schloss Lichtenstein, near the current palace, was destroyed and abandoned during the Swabian War in 1381. However, in 1390, a new castle was constructed in its place, which came to be considered one of the strongest fortresses of the late Middle Ages, successfully repelling attacks from all adversaries. Over time, it lost its strategic importance, and in 1567, the Duke of Swabia relocated his residence elsewhere, leaving the castle to serve as a forest warden’s building. During the Thirty Years’ War, the Habsburg dynasty of Tyrol held the castle as collateral. Subsequently, it fell into disrepair.
In 1687, the last lord of Lichtenstein perished in battle against the Turks, and with no known descendants, the family line became extinct. Today, the original coat of arms of the Lichtenstein family—a blue shield with golden angel wings—is still painted in the hall of Schloss Lichtenstein.


.Material: ABS
.Product Weight: 2400g
.Package Weight: 3000g
.Product Dimesnions: 35.7 x 19.2 x 39.8cm
.Package Dimensions: 35.8 x 26 x 6.8cm
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 16+

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