MOC-166879 BARRACUDA-ship Small Particles Pirate Ship Building Blocks Set by Marooned_Marin
MOC-166879 BARRACUDA-ship Small Particles Pirate Ship Building Blocks Set by Marooned_Marin

MOC-166879 BARRACUDA-ship Small Particles Pirate Ship Building Blocks Set by Marooned_Marin


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Parts:3394  pcs
Designed and Authorized by @Marooned_Marin
Come with PDF instructions
Shipped within 15-35 days
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.Original Design: Authorized and designed by Marooned_Marin, this model perfectly restores the product and structure after many revisions and review, featuring a reasonable structure and medium assembly difficulty with a great assembly experience after many revisions. The unique design and colour scheme has a high ornamental and collectible value.

Parts: 3394 parts (without minifigs, ropes and sails)
Dimensions: W: 28.1cm L: 70.6cm H: 57.8cm
Weight: 2430g
Difficulty: Moderate/hard Build (tested on one +11 years old)
Type of set: For Display & Light Play
IMPORTANT: Model does not float

Barracuda—ship is a three-masted galleon, easily recognized by a set of distinctive red and white striped sails. Specially built for pillage and plunder, she is fast and nimble, even when overloaded with stolen cargo. Equipped with 18 deadly cannons, a well trained gun-crew and one cunning captain, she is a dread to all who dare to traverse the Brick Seas.

Barracuda is based on the 6285 BlackSeas Barracuda, arguably the most beloved MOC ship ever made. To maximize playability and allow easy access to the ship interior, this up-to-date remake features a removable quarter-deck, fully furnished captain’s cabin, spacious crew quarter, kitchen with a rat, and one deadly gun deck.

MOC was first designed in and later built and tested using the 100% legal build techniques and real bricks. The finished model is sturdy, it can be carried around, played with, but it is not indestructible, i.e. it will not survive an unplanned drop test from the table. The model does not float, so you really don’t need to test this, it will go under on its own if put on the open water. While building the model, remember to eat something every few hours, at minimum an orange. It would be unfortunate to lose any dedicated Classic-Pirates fan from starvation or scurvy.

Instructions come with ‘How-To’ tutorial to make the sails. No special equipment required other than scissors, some red and white striped fabric, and a printer to print 1:1 scale drawings of the sails. Thin brown rope for rigging is also welcomed to have.

.This model does not come with a sailboat, but there are detailed instructions for an easy assembly. Contains 3394 premium parts in casting for precise color and easy disassembly, providing nice hand feel and stable structure. The quality of the parts is the same as the famous Danish building block brands, and can be compatible with it. The parts are packaged in bag according to steps to reduce the collecting time and the purchase cost, bringing more time and value to block lovers.
.Coming with an easy-understand PDF instructions, including lively backstory and mini-animations, even the beginners can finish the assembly with ease.
.Notes: Suitable for children over 16+, and packaged with graphic carton. Suitable for gift, home decor and collection, also the best gift for block designer, medieval lovers and pirate enthusiasts.


.Material: ABS
.Product Weight: 2430g
.Package Weight: 2890g
.Product Dimensions: 70.6 × 28.1 × 57.8cm
.Package Dimensions: 48 × 35 × 10cm
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 16+

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