MOC-149454 Venator-Class Star Destroyer Model Assembly Toy by Johns Brickworld

MOC-149454 Venator-Class Star Destroyer Model Assembly Toy by Johns Brickworld


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Parts: 9444pcs
Designed and Authorized by Johns Brickworld
Come with PDF instructions In 200 stock (shiped within 1-3 days)
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.Designed and authorized by Johns Brickworld, this model is designed with building blocks based on the cruiser from a famous sci-fi movie. The model features a large flight deck, multiple docking stations, extensive hangar space, two bridges, laser turrets, ion thrust engines and more. The whole set is well-designed sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing, and many practical details have been added considering the assembling fun. This MOC is in an excellent and exquisite appearance with a high ornamental and collectible value.
.Message from the Author: The Venator-class Star Destroyer, also known as the Venator-class cruiser, was a class of more than 1,000 meter-long attack cruiser of the Star Destroyer design family that was operated by the navies of the Galactic Republic and its successor Galactic Empire.
Designed by Lira Wessex to feature a double-wedge design and perform a wide range of missions, the Venator was the first class of Star Destroyer to be manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards.
Alternatively known as the Republic cruiser, Republic attack cruiser, or Republic Star Destroyer, it was a versatile capital ship capable of serving as both a combatant in ship-to-ship naval warfare and a starfighter carrier, while also being employed as a troop transport, cargo ship, and supply and replenishment vessel. As a warship, Venators were protected by powerful deflector shields and boasted a range of weaponry.
.Contains 9444 premium parts packaged in bag according to steps to reduce the collecting time and the purchase cost, bringing more time and value to block lovers, and the parts can be compatible with the famous Danish brands building blocks.
.Detailed Instructions: Comes with QR code instructions with illustrations which can be acquired by scanning with your phone. The steps are detailed and easy to understand, helping you quickly assemble.
.Value: The assembled model is a great display model and background decor for cultivating practical and thinking ability. Also the perfect gift for block collectors, sci-fi lovers and great ship enthusiasts.
.Notes: Suitable for children over 16+. Small particles are attached inside, please pay attention to the use and placement. If you encounter any problems during the assembling process, please contact us promptly.


.Material: ABS
.Product Weight: 9100g
.Package Weight: 10100g
.Product Dimensions: 110 × 50 × 32cm
.Package Dimensions: 48 × 35 × 10cm
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 16+

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