MOC-143595 Terran-Dropship Spaceship

MOC-143595 Terran-Dropship Spaceship


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This item: MOC-143595 Terran-Dropship Spaceship
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    MOC-143595 Terran-Dropship Spaceship Model Building Blocks DIY Assembly Toy Set (684PCS)


    .Created and authorized by magurean.paul, based on the real model in the game scenes, this excellent and sturdy MOC-143595 Terran-Dropship Spaceship model aesthetically adds rich practical details, featuring immersive assembling fun in both appearance and playability. As well as perfect for display and collection with cost-effective value.
    .Consists of a total of 684 premium parts with accurate colors and eco-friendly material, every part with no burrs fit tightly with each other, ensuring smooth and safe building experience. Parts are packaged in bags and types, greatly reducing the time to collect parts and the purchase cost, bringing building block enthusiasts more time and value-for-money products. Compatible with building block sets from famous Danish brands.
    .Easy-to-follow Instructions: Comes with a QR to be scanned on the graphic carton to be viewed by multiple devices. The detailed and easy steps with illustrations help beginners commence with ease.
    .Recommended for 10+. The assembled model as an impressive display, educational kit, and background decoration for enthusiasts of sci-fi games building blocks sets.


    Terran Dropship:

    The APOD-33 dropship is a terran-aerospace transport.
    The APOD-33 is a heavily armored tactical transport equipped for both atmospheric and deep space flight, utilizing twin engines fed hypergolic tanks that result in plasma exhaust, said engines being capable of shifting their angles.Dropships are designed to carry anything from troops to siege tanks in both safety and speed.Landings are usually carried out conventionally, easy deployment is allowed through both aft and front ramps and its base can descend from the ship. However, soldiers can also rappel down using ropes.Side doors also exist and furthermore, dropships are equipped with extraction fields and maglev lines in case the terrain is too difficult to land on.
    Dropships possess a number of shortcomings.They are difficult to maneuver and are prone to mechanical failures and aren’t exactly the most comfortable transport craft, the interior’s temperatures usually uncomfortably hot, even more so during re-entry. Cooling units are installed to offset this along with air scrubbers.Dropships are outfitted with a signal booster, which automatically reroutes the communications of ground forces in range through them in order to allow for better communications range.
    Appearances: Craft and Brood War
    Note: – this MOC is suited for minifigs.



    .Material: ABS
    .Product Weight: 580g
    .Package Weight: 700g
    .Package Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 7cm
    .Packing: Graphic Carton
    .Ages: 10+



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    Weight0.7 kg
    Dimensions27 × 17 × 7 cm