MOC-142700 Terr-Golia Future Star Mecha

MOC-142700 Terr-Golia Future Star Mecha


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This item: MOC-142700 Terr-Golia Future Star Mecha
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MOC-142700 Terr-Golia Future Star Mecha Model Building Blocks Set (467PCS)


.Created and Authorized by magurean.paul, MOC-142700 Terr-Golia scale star mecha, according to the game scene, this firm and beautiful MOC model with excellent design adds a lot of practical details for builders to assemble this model with fun, which reaches the extreme in terms of both appearance and playing. The assembled building blocks is a fabulous model with a lower cost.
.Includes 467 parts with high quality and accurate colors. The easy-to-disassemble parts are firm and smooth with the same quality of the main blocks band. Parts are packaged in different bags and types, which greatly reduces the time and cost of block lovers. The model is also compatible with the famous Danish brand of building block sets.
.Comes with a QR code in the graphic carton to be scanned to access the PDF manual, which can be viewed in multiple devices, helping building beginners commence with ease.
.Suitable for 10 and up. Packaged with exquisite graphic carton, the set is the best gift for lovers of science fiction, game and movie. Excellent for use as holiday gifts, educational kits, collections, etc.

. Terr-Golia  Backstory:

The golia combat walker is a terran one-man all-terrain combat walker primarily used to support marine forces.
Golia are constructed out of a new steel frame. Their armor renders them quite resilient to fragmentation grenades and even small arms fire, though their cockpits are vulnerable to missiles. Their fronts are protected by a plexishield. The Golia features a computer-based heavy weapons system. Golia armament consists of twin anti-armor 30mm smoothbore autocannons on the arms which fire explosive shells and Hellfire-AA scatter missiles. As such, while Golias are primarily used against aerial targets, they still pose a great threat to infantry. Many Golias were equipped with three guns, one on each arm and one between the legs.
.Appearances: Craft and Brood War
.Note: – this MOC is suited for minifigs


.Material: ABS
.Package Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 7cm
.Product Weight: 400g
.Package Weight: 500g
.Packing: Graphic Carton



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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions27 × 17 × 7 cm