MOC-138840 Falcons Barbican Gatehouse Medieval Castle
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MOC-138840 Falcons Barbican Gatehouse Medieval Castle

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  • PCS: 1977PCS
  • Licensed from designer legolot
  • Product Weight: 1500g
  • Package Dimensions: 37 x 27 x 7cm
  • Come with PDF instructions
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MOC-138840 Falcons Barbican Gatehouse Medieval Castle Model Building Blocks Toys Set (1977PCS)



.MOC-138840 Falcons Barbican Gatehouse Medieval Castle is designed and authorized by legolot.

.this Medieval Castle model highly restores the real British Castle, as a part of the castle, that is, the outer wall, which can be combined with MOC-132314, MOC-127526, and MOC-123471 to form a complete castle.

.Being well-designed, stable, and aesthetic, it adds many practical details to increase more fun when assembling, considering the optimized appearance and playability of the total set. This cost-effective building blocks set is a model of great value to display and collect.
.Contains 1977 premium & rich-in-lustre parts that combine with each other to ensure a firm structure and good hand feel, this set is compatible with the Danish famous building blocks brands. The easy-to-disassemble parts possess superior quality the same as the renowned brands.
.The easy-to-follow PDF manuals help beginners commence with confidence, which will be sent to buyers by a USB flash disk.


. Falcons Barbican Gatehouse Designer’s Description:

This is a largely historically accurate castle barbican, which continues the techniques I had been developing with Falcons Impenetrable Keep and Falcons Grand Tower.

To encourage creativity the barbican comes apart into modular sections which can be put together in lots of different ways and combined with the other castles I’ve produced – or your own creations. This is to give children and adults the experience of building and designing their own unique castle, whilst learning about the history and architecture that surround castles.

In peacetime the barbican gates are open, and the chapel over the gate is a place where people come to pray, to forgive each other and make peace. They even have guest rooms on the first floor so that they can give hospitality to tired travellers.

In times of war, the peasants run to falcon’s castle for its protection and the fierce gates and deadly portcullises are closed behind them.

If the enemy attempt to breach the gates, the twin portcullises will trap them on the killing floor of the gatehouse – surrounded by arrow slots through which crossbows and bows can be fired and beneath trap doors through which the defenders can drop heavy rocks and boiling oil.
As a result the attackers, if they value their lives will have to try and storm the walls. These walls have machicolations and more arrow slits meaning that the attackers will be in great danger as they try and climb their ladders. Once on top of the walls. They can attempt to breach the drawbridge and door to the barbican itself.

If they can somehow do this, they must now fight through all the rooms to get to the ladder so they can get on top and finally get control of the winches and raise the portcullises to let their troops in.
Because of these defences, people feel safe in black falcons’ lands.


.Material: ABS
.Product Weight: 1500g
.Package Weight: 1800g
.Package Dimensions: 37 x 27 x 7cm
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 10+


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Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions37 × 27 × 7 cm