MOC-125500 Western Fantasy Magic Tree House Model Buiding Blocks Set by LegoMocLoc

MOC-125500 Western Fantasy Magic Tree House Model Buiding Blocks Set by LegoMocLoc


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  • Parts: 3830PCS
  • Designed and Authorized by LegoMocLoc
  • With PDF instruction
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.Designed and authorized by LegoMocLoc, according to the famous movie scenes, this model includes four parts, Galadhrim’s Guard, Caras Galadhon, The mirror of Galadriel, and Farewell to Lorien.
Lothlórien, also known as Lórien, was the vast woodland realm of the Galadhrim elves located near the lower Misty Mountains in northern Middle-earth. It was first settled by the Nandor, but they were later joined by a small number of Ñoldor and Sindar under Celeborn of Doriath and Galadriel, daughter of Finarfin. It was located on the River Celebrant, southeast of Khazad-dûm, and was the only place in Middle-earth where the golden Mallorn trees grew.
Galadriel’s magic, later revealed as the power of her ring Nenya, enriched the land and made it a magic forest into which evil could not enter without difficulty. The only way that Lothlórien could have been conquered by the armies of Mordor is if Sauron had come there himself.
This moc represents some of the main and important scenes from the movie.
This bundle includes 4 Mocs: Galadhrim’s Guard, Caras Galadhon, The mirror of Galadriel, Farewell to Lorien.
.Contsists a total of 3830 premium parts, made of ABS material, with accurate colors, ensuring a sturdy structure and excellent tactile feedback.
.Come with easy-to-follow PDF instructions, scanning the QR code on the box, and is compatible with multiple devices, allowing even beginners to easily complete the model with ease.
.The assembled model is an excellent choice for decor or background ornament. Perfect as a stunning gift to exercise hands-on ability and thinking ability for back-to-school season and holidays.
.Notes: Recommended for 8+. With small particles inside, pay attention to use and store. Should be any problems in the assembly process, please contact us in time.


.Material: ABS
.Product Weight: 3500g
.Package Weight: 4100g
.Package Dimensions: 48 x 35 x 10cm
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 8+

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