MOC-123809 Medieval Expeditionary Bazaar Model Western Magic World Building Blocks Set by LegoMocLoc

MOC-123809 Medieval Expeditionary Bazaar Model Western Magic World Building Blocks Set by LegoMocLoc


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  • Parts: 5441PCS
  • Designed and Authorized by LegoMocLoc
  • With PDF instruction
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    .Background: As a result of the appearance of the One Ring, the grey wizard Gandalf instructs Frodo Baggins to leave the Shire and bring the Ring to Rivendell. At the Council of Elrond, it was unanimously decided that the Supreme Ring must be destroyed, i.e., thrown back into the fiery flames of the Volcano of Doom, where it was originally forged. A nine-man expedition was formed to escort the Ring-bearer on his quest, captained by Gandalf. The expedition set out from Rivendell in winter and had to travel through the cold darkness of night to avoid enemy spies. While attempting to cross the Misty Mountains, the expedition is stopped by a blizzard in the Karanrath Mountains and attacked by direwolves, necessitating the expedition to travel by an alternative route.
    .Designed and authorized and by LegoMocLoc according to famous film works to restore.
    Consists of many well-designed, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing modules. Assembling fun and many practical details are added to create a model of high ornamental and collectible value.
    .Contains 5441 premium parts made of eco-friendly ABS material in precise casting for strong tightness and stability. Besides, the premium & smooth parts, in rich colors, are free of burrs and edges, ensuring safe assembly.
    .Detailed Instructions: Comes with QR code instructions with illustrations, the steps are detailed and easy to understand, helping you quickly assemble.
    .Value: The assembled model is a great display model and background decor for cultivating practical and thinking ability. Perfect gift for lovers of building blocks and medieval magic world.
    .Notes: Suitable for children over 8+. Small particles are attached inside, please pay attention to the use and placement. If you encounter any problems during the assembling process, please contact us promptly.
    .Tis Bundle includes 22 mini Mocs inspired by the first and second book of ”the Lord of the Rings”: ”The Fellowship of the Ring”.
    A Long-expected Party
    The Shadow of the Past
    Three is Company
    A Short Cut to Mushrooms
    A Conspiracy Unmasked
    The Old Forest
    In the House of Tom Bombadil
    Fog on the Barrow-downs
    At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
    A Knife in the Dark
    Flight to the Ford
    Many Meetings
    The Council of Elrond
    The Ring goes South
    A Journey in the Dark
    The Bridge of Khazad-dûm
    The Mirror of Galadriel
    Farewell to Lórien
    The Great River
    The Breaking of the Fellowship


    .Material: ABS
    .Product Weight: 5200g
    .Package Dimensions: 48×35×10cm
    .Package Weight: 6000g
    .Packing: Graphic Carton

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    Weight6 kg