MOC-122768 1/1000 World Trade Center (1973-2001) Large Building
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MOC-122768 1/1000 World Trade Center (1973-2001) Large Building


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  • PCS: 4850 pcs
  • Licensed from designer bru_bri_mocs
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  • Come with PDF instructions
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This item: MOC-122768 1/1000 World Trade Center (1973-2001) Large Building
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    MOC-122768 1/1000 World Trade Center (1973-2001) Large Building Model  Set (4850PCS)


    Size13,2 x 10,7 (base area), 22,7 (height)
    Shipping12 Days



    .the MOC-122768 World Trade Center (1973-2001) Large Building is designed and authorized by bru_bri_mocs, building blocks set maximizes the large buildings in real life.

    .Fully considering the fun in assembly, the model is built with additional practical details for ultimate and incredible impression&building experience.

    .The cost-effective assembly also is available as an impressive display and ucs collection.
    .With a total of 4850 premium quality particles with accurate color consistent with the parts of mainstream building blocks brands, the blocks are built with durable and sturdy holistic structure for an impressive feel and easy disassembly.

    .The various packages of cost-effective parts classified into types are capable of saving time in collecting parts and money on purchase for the building block enthusiasts. Suitable for use in a proportional sand table.
    .Come with easy-to-follow PDF instructions sent to the buyers via USB flash drive so young builders can commence and finish with confidence.
    .Recommended for 10+.


    The Author’s Description:

    “The World Trade Center is a living symbol of man’s belief in humanity, his need for individual dignity, his beliefs in cooperation of men, and, through cooperation, his ability to find greatness”
    43.600 windows, 110 floors, 200.000 people a day.
    These are just some of the impressive numbers of the World Trade Center complex, a beautiful icon of the New York skyline and a symbol of the 20th century.
    Inaugurated in 1973, the original WTC complex incuded six buildings: three low-rise buildings (WTC 4, WTC 5, WTC 6), a 22-floor hotel (WTC 3), and the iconic Twin Towers (WTC 1, the “North Tower”, and WTC 2, the “South Tower”) with an impressive height of 417 m, 530 m including the North Tower’s antenna.

    A seventh building, the WTC 7, a 47-story building, was added later in 1987; this building is not included on this moc model as it was not part of the original complex, but you will find it as a stand-alone MOC soon on my page.
    The first World Trade Center model that I made in 2019 was also my very first MOC, so I did the whole project just by drawing diagrams on squared paper because I didn’t know how to use the design programs; the result was a little rough but still nice. Today, three years later, I reworked and improved that model, developing a completely new and more detailed model of this beautiful lost wonder.
    This is my modest tribute to an architectural masterpiece, to a legend.
    The building instructions of this model are two PDF guides (Part 1 has 135 pages, Part 2 has 155 pages),.

    .Part 1 also includes a four page introduction about the World Trade Center history and design.


    World Trade Center (1973-2001) features:
    Scale: 1:1000
    Parts: 4850
    Size in inches: 13,2 x 10,7 (base area), 22,7 (height)
    Size in centimeters: 33,6 x 27,2 (base area), 57,5 (height)
    Size in studs: 42 x 34 (base area), 71,9 (height)
    Style: Architecture
    Year: 2022



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