Large Red Brick Neo-Gothic Church Medieval Bricks 7284PCS By brickcity_steinbrueck
Large Red Brick Neo-Gothic Church Medieval Bricks 7284PCS By brickcity_steinbrueck

Large Red Brick Neo-Gothic Church Medieval Bricks 7284PCS By brickcity_steinbrueck


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  • Parts: 7284 pcs
  • Designed and Authorized by @brickcity_steinbrueck
  • Come with PDF instructions
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.This model restores the famous brick Gothic church. The overall facade of the church is made of red bricks, with red and green roof tiles, simple and solemn shape, with a towering bell tower, and the interior of the spacious auditorium and the interior of exquisite decoration. Features solid structure, perfect as unavailable display collection pieces.
.Due to the all-brick design, looks closer to the model than the building blocks, so this model has more artistic value and display effect.
.Build from 7284 parts, each high-quality smooth part in rich colors without burr serrations to ensure a safe assembling process.
.Detailed Instructions: With clear QR code electronic instructions, even beginners can complete it. You can understand the building block model construction, and find more details of the content design. As well improves hands-on ability, thinking ability and creative ability.
.Value and Significance: The finished set will boast a collectible display value.
.Notes: Small parts inside, pay attention to use and placement. Please take care to prevent swallowing by children.
.Background: Brick Gothic is a unique style of architecture that originated in Northeastern and Central Europe, particularly in the Baltic and surrounding regions. Unlike traditional Gothic structures built with stone, Brick Gothic utilizes fired red or yellow bricks as its primary material. This extensive use of bricks gives these buildings a distinctive appearance with vibrant colors and textures. Achieving stability and aesthetic appeal in Brick Gothic architecture requires intricate masonry techniques, especially for features like rib vaults and flying buttresses. The development of Brick Gothic was closely tied to trade and technological advancements of the time, particularly improvements in brick manufacturing processes. This allowed for the construction of magnificent churches and castles even in areas lacking natural stone resources.


.Material: ABS
.Product Weight: 7000g
.Package Weight: 7500g
.Product Dimensions: 62 x 29 x 80cm
.Package Dimensions: 48 x 35 x 10cm
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 16+

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