Moc Medieval Mill

Imagine this medieval mill inhabited by a simple family living in an age without today’s technology, without cell phones, computers, and the internet. Only a house of stone and wood built with the toil and life of hands can produce flour for bread, grow vegetables, and land products. Surrounded by lush nature without the traffic and polluted air of today. This life is of course very difficult, but much simpler and built on the basic concepts of family, land, and food. Here you will see so many great textures and details in a lot of MOC medieval windmills.

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In the Middle Ages, most windmills were used as mills – in order to grind the corn into flour, the inhabitants of the manor usually had to take their corn to the lord’s mill; the exclusivity of the manor’s mill was a privilege that the lords of the manor usually managed to seize on their own one. The medieval mill was owned by the owner of the estate and could be rented out after payment to the owner. The grain mill was the most popular mill in the Middle Ages and was run by a medieval miller. Medieval Miller used a quinn stone to grind wheat at the Lords Medieval mill.