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Customize MOC with Medievalbrick

Customize. Create. Build.

Build your imaginative visions with Medievalbrick, your ultimate destination for affordable, top-notch custom brick sets. Start your MOC building adventure today!

How to Customize Your MOC Blocks from

Customize Your MOC Bricks, Your Way!

  1. Bulk Order or Email: Upload your part list file or email us ( for a quick and efficient bulk order process.

  2. Visual Inspiration: Share a picture or describe your desired MOC blocks, and we’ll provide tailored solutions.

What We Offer

  • Professional Service: Trust our expertise for the best MOC parts and custom building support.
  • Rare Set Resource: Access retired and rare sets to complete your collection.
  • Impeccable Precision: MOC brick pieces without color aberration or scratches, accurate to 0.042 cm.
  • Building blocks custom MOC design/corporate gift/IP image
    We can customize the corresponding building block shape according to your needs

If you are interested, please fill the chart below

About Us

Medievalbrick is a community-driven platform for medieval brick MOCers. Our mission is to unite and support MOC enthusiasts by providing a convenient platform for exchanging news and sharing exceptional Medieval MOCS. Discover fantastic MOC creations and join us on the exciting journey of the MOC Middle Ages. Start building and connecting with like-minded builders today!

    • Are you frustrated when you come across excellent building block construction drawings that you can't assemble?
    • Do you struggle as a building block designer to verify the reliability and assembly experience of your own designs?
    • Are you disappointed when your favorite building block designs are not available from any company, preventing you from owning them?
    • Do you find it challenging to find a company that offers small-batch customization for your gift or project needs?

Don’t worry. Medievalbrick makes MOC-Custom easy now!

Building MOC Beyond Limits



Our Service

Discover, collect, and share exceptional MOCs with Medievalbrick, your premier community for passionate MOC builders.

Superior Quality

Our non-LEGO bricks are crafted with precision and adhere to high manufacturing standards, ensuring excellent quality, durability, and consistent clutch power.

Perfect Compatibility

Our bricks are designed to seamlessly integrate with official LEGO pieces, guaranteeing a smooth building experience without any compatibility issues.

The plug-in is compact and upside-down is not easy to fall
Using high-precision mold casting, the building blocks have small gaps
Accurate bite, simple and compact building blocks
The tolerance is less than 0.42mm
Accurate tight

Accurate Colors

Our non-LEGO bricks are meticulously designed to match the authentic LEGO aesthetic, with precise color matching and attention to detail, ensuring a visually pleasing and cohesive building experience.

ABS material

use the enviromental abs material. Strict selection of materials and careful grinding
For children, we pay more attention to good raw materials and carefully polished details, double guarantee

Check out our work​

we are always on the way of improving ourselves.


Currently, we have fully inspected approximately 30% of the total orders, and we expect this number to increase to 50% by the end of this year.


The first MOC has complete voting and expected to finish production by May 20th. The structure for the 2nd MOC is currently being finalized, the design for the third is underway, and the fourth is yet to be confirmed. Our goal is to complete ten models by the end of this year.



Up to today, 4 MOCs have alreadyed been carried out small-batch production, with three of them packaged in dedicated color boxes. (Excluding last year, 10 MOCs had been conducted small-batch production, which will significantly increase this year).


Currently, only 30% of printed parts and bricks are replaced by regular parts. We have mass-produced 50 common printed accessories and anticipate expanding that to 100 by the end of this year, covering over 90% of the order demands.

Factory Gallery

Client Testimonials

"Medievalbrick's custom service exceeded my expectations! They flawlessly produced the brick parts I needed for my unique design. The quality was outstanding, and the customer support was top-notch. Highly recommended!"
Sarah L
“I've always wanted to have a specific building block set in different colors, and Medievalbrick made it possible. Their custom color service allowed me to customize my moc sets to match my personal style. I couldn't be happier with the result!”
Mark R
"Finding a company that offers small-batch customization was a challenge until I discovered Medievalbrick. They worked closely with me to bring my gift idea to life, and the final product was exceptional.
Jennifer M

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