MOC-82142 Movie Scene

MOC-82142 Movie Scene


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  • Parts: 6273PCS
  • Venez avec les instructions PDF
  • Product Dimensions: 70.9 x 70.9 x 68.7cm
  • Designed and Authorized by @LegoMocLoc
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Cet objet : MOC-82142 Movie Scene
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    MOC-82142 Movie Scene Building Blocks Set(6273PCS)


    .the MOC-82142 Movie Scene is Designed and authorized by LegoMocLoc , this Movie Scene Model reference Cirith Ungol as the prototype.
    .Made of eco-friendly ABS, the high-quality parts fit tightly with each other to form a firm structure. The realistic model in high precision casting and the surface of all brightly painted parts is smooth with no burrs for safety.
    .The easy-to-follow manual is included in the complimentary USB flash disk, and the graphic instructions help building beginners commence with ease.
    .Other Usages: The assembled building blocks of great educational meanings make an ideal gift and price for back-to-school seasons and holidays. Perfect for display and decoration as well.
    .Suitable for 8 and up. With small parts inside, carefully placing and using is necessary. If you have any problems when assembling, please contact us in time.


    From the Designer LegoMocLoc :

    .Cirith Ungol was a pass or cleft through the Ephel Dúath located near Minas Morgul. At its heart was an Orc stronghold, near the caves of Shelob’s lair. n the Quest of the Ring, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee were led to this pass by Gollum to the lair of the ancient spider Shelob. At this time, there were also three-headed statues that “watched” the gateway into the keep of Cirith Ungol which could not be passed by mortals. Only through use of the Phial of Galadriel could the ring-bearer and his servant break these entities’ will and enter.
    This moc includes the high wall and the main tower of Cirith Ungol.


    .Matériel : ABS
    .Product Weight: 5900g
    .Poids du colis : 6300g
    .Product Dimensions: 70.9 x 70.9 x 68.7cm
    .Dimensions du colis : 48 x 35 x 10 cm
    .Emballage : Carton graphique
    .Ages: 8+


    Plus d'information:

    . Cliquez dessus :Scène de film MOC , voir plus Ensemble de thème de film !

    . groupe fackbook : @Incroyable MOC médiéval , pour plus d'informations ou des cadeaux.


    Informations complémentaires

    Poids 6 kg
    Dimensions 25 × 25 × 5 cm