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MOC-79655 Medieval House Mill Village(By Gr33tje13)
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MOC-79655 Medieval House Mill Village(By Gr33tje13)


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    MOC-79655 Medieval House Mill Village(By Gr33tje13)


    Designer Gr33tje13
    COM MOC-79655
    pièces 1316
    Lester 1,4 kg
    Instruction PDF
    Emballage Carton
    Expédition  15 jours


    Du concepteur - Gr33tje13

    “This MOC of a Medieval House is an alternative to set 21325 – Medieval Blacksmith. This house is build on a raised floor that can be accessed by the bridge. The house has a small fire place, a little kitchen and a dining and seating area. The entire roof and top of the chimney can be taken off to access the interior. There are some various items around the house, such as a well, a vegetable garden and a small tree. 

    The MOC is an alternate build for LEGO set 21325 – Medieval Blacksmith and uses only parts from that set (spare pieces may be included).”

    With this alternative build to the “Medieval Blacksmith” (21325) we get the now fifth set from “Gr33tje13” to the forge of Lego and also this time the result looks great. The building is a one-story medieval dwelling house, which has a modular removable roof, but unfortunately this is empty. Inside, the cottage has a cozy interior, but it can hardly be played with – also because the rooms inside are very narrow. The construction is fun and the very good instructions do their part. All in all, the set is a great display model.

    Have fun looking and building!


    Plus d'information:

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    . groupe fackbook : @Incroyable médiéval MOC , pour plus d'informations ou des cadeaux.

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    Poids 1,4 kg
    Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

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