MOC-78747 Medieval Village Well

MOC-78747 Medieval Village Well


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    MOC-78747 Medieval Village Well Building Blocks MOC Set (142PCS)



    . the MOC-78747 Medieval Village Well is originally designed & licensed by peter.keith, compatible with 21325 forge shop.

    .the MOC-78747 village well is based on the shape and style of medieval European history with simulated details and structural design.
    .The product has been modified and reviewed many times for reasonable & firm structure, excellent assembly experience and perfect restoration. In order to improve the experience, the designer achieves the best visual effect with the least number of parts aned pays great attention to the design skills and colors, which evokes immersive fun.

    .The 142PCS building blocks set is made of premium-quality material which is consistent with the mainstream building blocks brands with accurate color and stable structure for comfortable hand feel and easy disassembly. Components are packaged in different bags and types, which greatly reduces the time for building blocks enthusiasts to collect parts by themselves and the purchase cost. The cost-effective product can also be built together with the renowned Danish building blocks sets.
    .The building blocks set comes with an easy-to-follow electronic manual which will be sent to buyers in a special format, allowing simple assembly even for beginners.
    .Recommended for 10+ years old.



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    Poids 0.3 kg
    Dimensions 25 × 15 × 5 cm