MOC-131230 H04 Tavern and Guard Room for MOC-131299 Complete Medieval Castle
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MOC-131230 H04 Tavern and Guard Room for MOC-131299 Complete Medieval Castle


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  • PCS: 4650PCS
  • Licensed from designer Sir Perceval
  • Product Weight: 3800g
  • Venez avec les instructions PDF
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    MOC-131230 H04 Tavern and Guard Room for MOC-131299 Complete Medieval Castle (4650PCS)



    . the MOC-131230 H04 Tavern and Guard Room is designed and authorized by Sir Perceval . It is a part of MOC-131299 Complete Medieval Castle, which consists of 52 parts with 112644PCS. Individual modules can be purchased according to your needs. If you are confused about how to build a complete castle, you’d better ask us to give you a detailed guide.
    .With a total of 4650 premium quality particles with accurate color consistent with the parts of mainstream building blocks brands, the blocks are built with durable and sturdy holistic structure for an impressive feel and easy disassembly. The various packages of cost-effective parts classified into types are capable of saving time in collecting parts and money on purchase for the building block enthusiasts. Compatible with building blocks set of Danish famous brands.
    Come with easy-to-follow PDF instructions sent to the buyers via USB flash drive so young builders can commence and finish with confidence.
    .Recommandé pour 10+. Emballé dans un carton graphique, l'ensemble est disponible comme un cadeau parfait pour les amateurs de blocs de construction, médiévaux et de château ainsi que pour les concepteurs de blocs de construction juniors, un ornement de maison étonnant et une collection ultime.


    .The Author’s Description:

    Hello knights of the brick,

    finally the time has come and I’m putting the instructions for my castle project online. For those who don’t know my project: I built a castle with about 113,000 parts, standing on 28 32×32 baseplates. The castle was designed to be completely modular. It consists of 28 baseplate modules (A1 – G4) and 23 building modules (H01-H23). Each building is built separately and all floors are modularly removable and also have an interior. The real model houses over 325 minifigures, but I have left them out here.

    The palace area, the right part of the castle, has a complete basement. A side entrance (G1) leads through a corridor (F1) to the torture chamber (E1). The prison building (H06) is connected to the torture chamber. In the corridor there is another branch that leads to a small antechamber (G2 & F2). After that there is a large storage room (G3 & F3). From this room you have access to the mine, where gold can be mined (F2). From the storage room you can also access the treasure chamber (E3) via a secret door. A staircase in the storeroom then leads to the palace courtyard directly in front of the door to the palace kitchen.



    .Matériel : ABS
    .Product Weight: 3800g
    .Dimensions du colis : 48 x 35 x 10 cm
    .Poids du colis : 4100g
    .Emballage : Carton graphique


    Plus d'information:

    . Cliquez dessus :  Château médiéval MOC, view more  Medieval  Theme Set  isplayed in different scenes !

    . groupe fackbook : @Incroyable médiéval MOC , pour plus d'informations ou des cadeaux.

    Informations complémentaires

    Poids 4 kg
    Dimensions 48 × 35 × 10 cm