MOC-108731 Medieval Black Saker’s Fort
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MOC-108731 Medieval Black Saker’s Fort


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  • Parts: 1025PCS
  • Designed and Authorized by Lord Tony
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    MOC-108731 Medieval Black Saker’s Fort Building Blocks MOC Set (1025PCS)



    .The model is originally designed and licensed by Lord Tony. The designer uses the least parts to achieve the best visual effect. The unique design and color scheme of the model make it an impressive display and collection, providing lots of fun while assembling.
    .The product has been modified for many times to provide a reasonable and solid structure for an excellent building experience and perfect restoration.
    .This MOC set is made of premium-quality materials that are consistent with the mainstream building blocks brands, featuring accurate color, firm structure and comfortable hand feel for easy disassembly.

    .Compatible avec les ensembles de blocs de construction de marques prestigieuses danoises, le produit comprend les pièces emballées dans des sacs et des types séparés, ce qui réduit considérablement le coût d'achat et le temps nécessaire aux passionnés pour collecter les pièces.
    .The easy-to-follow PDF instructions stored on a USB flash drive make the assembly easy even for beginners.

    ..Packed in graphic boxes, the MOC set is suitable for 10+.


    From LORD TONY :
    .This is a fort I created using only parts from the Creator 3-in-1 31120-1 Medieval Castle. I used some of the aesthics from the original 3-in-1 build and then mixed it with my own aesthetics to create something that looks both new and retro at the same time. It is incredibly easy to build this. I took apart the original 3-in-1 castle and was able to recreate this in a few hours through unsorted parts. The drawbridge works! I included a video to showcase the drawbridge working. It has about a 98% success rate (unlike the official Lego drawbridge that never works for me). If drawbridge doesn’t work see below.

    .The fort has hinges allowing it to be opened up for accessibly and it has clips to hold it in place. Convieniently those same clips could be used to clip on a modular attachment to expand the fort. unfortunately I do not own another 3-in-1 castle so I cannot make my own attachment. If this fort proves popular I will run out and buy another 3-in-1 castle and get to working on a modular attachment. The house from the back is resting on only plates and 4 studs. It can be detached to gain accessibility in the lower area. Or if you wish to add your own house changing between the two houses is simple so it is potentially modular. Maybe in the future I can create something that works with it. (maybe another tower)


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    Poids 1,6kg
    Dimensions 35 × 25 × 7 cm