MOC-108238 The Daimyo's Palace MOC Blocks Set
MOC-108238 Ensemble de blocs MOC du Daimyo's Palace

MOC-108238 Ensemble de blocs MOC du Daimyo's Palace


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    MOC-108238 Les blocs de construction du palais du Daimyo Ensemble MOC Jouets STEM (1762PCS)


    .MOC-108238 The Daimyo’s Palace is designed and licensed by 2bricksofficial

    .L'ensemble de rapport qualité-prix conçu à l'origine par 2bricksofficial est une simulation parfaite.
    .Equipé de multiples équipements, l'ensemble est riche en détails.
    .Electronic instructions stored in a USB flash disk is included, making the assembly easy even for beginners.

    .The product is extremely educational and collectible.

    .For any missing parts, contact us for free reissue.
    .The assembled set suitable for people over 8 years old makes a perfect gift.

    .for friends, kids or building blocks enthusiasts on birthday, Christmas, family gatherings, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.


    Author’s Message:

    This is a set that takes (almost) all of the pieces from official set 75362 , and build it up into a proper Palace to celebrate the long history of the location within Star Wars. The set is designed with Throne Room complete with a mechanism to trigger the trap door and then pull the Throne forward for easy viewing of the carnage below (Plus the throne itself can be converted to accommodate Jabba the Hutt or Boba Fett). Additionally there is a rancor pit beneath which is large enough to house the “big fig” Rancor from set 75005, a hangar bay to store Boba Fett’s Starship 75312.

    There are play patterns suggested in the layout of the set making it ideal for kids looking to recreate their favorite moments including breaking through the sewer grate, sneaking into the palace and liberating the Slave 1, facing off against the 6-armed kitchen droid, and ultimately fighting your way up to the throne room to defeat Bib Fortuna for control of the palace! When battle is done, allow Boba to heal his wounds in the included Bacta Tank, with room to store all of his gear while he sleeps. Man the guard tower with space for 2 henchmen, or take out the skiff for a patrol around the Palace and use the mounted cannon to take out any intruders! If you look really carefully, you may even spot a small clip next to the Throne where one Han Solo can be stored in his carbonite prison…

    This model is designed to be a true, large scale play set, and a place for all of the different Tattooine themed lego sets you may have in your collection to come together into one, cohesive place that celebrates the Palace of the Daimyo, which has been a fixture in pop culture since 1983!



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    Poids 2,2 kg
    Dimensions 37 × 27 × 7 cm