MOC-106723 8500 GTEL Retro Train
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MOC-106723 8500 GTEL Retro Train


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  • PCS: 4204PCS
  • Designed by designer jepaz
  • Venez avec les instructions PDF
  • Dimensions: W 132.80CM, L 8CM, H 12.8CM
  • Weight: 4.3KG
  • Voir plus Vehicle MOC
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MOC-106723 8500 GTEL Retro Train Building Blocks MOC Set (4204PCS)


. MOC-106723 8500 GTEL Retro Train Building Blocks MOC Set l is originally designed and licensed by jepaz.
.The product originally designed and lisenced by jepaz perfectly restores the GE train, featuring movable body with a PF interface.

Enjoy the fun of assembling the fantastic modifiable simulation model.
.Special Notes: PF kit ( 22169/28729 ), steering knuckle coupler and Brickarm U-clamp need to be purchased separately from the seller. Only ordinary parts are included, no printed parts.
.This 4204PCS building blocks set is made of premium-quality material which is consistent with the mainstream building block brands and features accurate color, firm structure as well as comfortable hand feel for easy disassembly.

Compatible with the building block sets from Denish prestigious brands, the product is value-for-money, reducing the purchase cost and the time for the enthusiasts to collect parts to a considerable degree by packing in separate bags and types.
.The easy-to-follow electronic PDF instructions stored in a USB flash disk make it simple to assemble for beginners and will be sent to the purchasers.
.The product is suitable for kids over 10 years old, packed in a graphic box. The assembled kit makes a perfect and educational gift, a collection for train fans and building block enthusiasts.


.Matériel : ABS
.Product Dimensions: 132.8 x 8 x 12.8cm
.Product Weight: 3800g
.Dimensions du colis : 48 x 35 x 10 cm
.Package Weight: 4300g
.Emballage : Carton graphique


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