14045Pcs+ MOC-84124 Small Particle Movie Series Mi
MOC-84124 UCS Minas Morgul
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MOC-84124 UCS Minas Morgul


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    Diseñador Cvanhulle
    MOC MOC-84124
    PC 14045
    Tamaño 108.8 x 81.7 x 86.5cm
    Peso 17.6kg
    Instrucción PDF
    Embalaje Caja de cartón
    Transporte 25 días

    MOC-84124 Small Particle Movie Series Minas Morgul Building Block Model Kit


    Historia del prototipo

    Minas Morgul was once a fortress of Gondor, called Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Moon. As the easternmost fortification in the kingdom of Gondor, Minas Ithil safeguarded the eastern borders of the Kingdom of Gondor and protected the capital Osgiliath from the forces of Mordor during the early part of the Third Age. As Gondor’s armies weakened, it was then taken by the forces of Mordor, and used as a base to attack Gondor and in the process, decayed into the dark fortress and was renamed as a result.
    Minas Morgul was located in the upland valley known as the Morgul Vale at the feet of the Mountains of Shadow. It overlooked the region of Ithilien and controlled the only passes through the mountains that led into Mordor, the Morgul Pass and the Pass of Cirith Ungol.
    This moc is divided in 4 main parts and includes: The Ithil Tower which represents the high tower of the moon and the main fortress, The orc mansion, the Morgul prison and the external main wall of the citadel with gates on the Morgul Valley.”


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    Peso 14700 kg
    Dimensiones 108.8 × 81.7 × 86.5 cm

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