99548Pcs The Seven rings - Part A Super Large Buil
MOC-64235 Los Siete Anillos – Parte A (Por STEBRICK)

MOC-64235 Los Siete Anillos – Parte A (Por STEBRICK)


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  • Designed and Authorized by @STEBRICK
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    Diseñador LADRILLO
    MOC MOC-64235
    PC 99548
    Peso 90kg
    Instrucción PDF
    Embalaje Caja de cartón
    Transporte  25 días

    MOC-64235 Los Siete Anillos – Parte A (Por STEBRICK)


    Del diseñador-stebrick

    Este Moc es el primer lanzamiento (Parte A: Los Siete Anillos) de toda la construcción. La Parte B o “La Montaña y el Templo” se publicará dentro de este año.

    Given the large number of bricks and the size of the entire building, I decided to divide it into Part A and Part B to give everyone the opportunity to proceed step by step in its construction … so … Let’s start building Part A: The Seven Rings !!!


    Pocos detalles:

    • Minifigure Dimension and proportions.
    • Instructions: High Quality Detailed PDF manual on USB drive.
    • Layers: Modular Building technique, divided into 7 layers.
    • Macro Blocks: Each layer is built with Macro Modular Blocks. Perfect to be moved for exhibitions and stored.
    • 99,548 bricks!!! all of them are made from high-quality ABS. Its burr-free and fur-free material brings good assembly experience. ((Printed parts are replaced by replacement parts.)
    • First Ring: 31.632 Visible and 634 Structural Bricks – Second Ring: 18.599 Visible and 4.764 Structural Bricks – Third Ring: 12.955 Visible and 1.727 Structural Bricks – Fourth Ring: 10.605 Visible and 1.668 Structural Bricks – Fifth Ring: 7.815 Visible and 1.749 Structural Bricks – Sixth Ring: 5.528 Visible and 774 Structural Bricks – Seventh Ring: 802 Visible and 292 Structural Bricks.
    • STRUCTURAL BRICKS: all the Hidden bricks of the building, you have to get just in the exact type of brick!!! It means you can use any color while keeping only the type of brick!!! You can use your own used bricks to save money!!! No matter what color you have … just be sure of the type !! For example: 1500 2×4 bricks… choose by yourself the color, you will never see these bricks because they are hidden inside the structure!!! SAVE MONEY!!!
    • Dimensions: W: 231,8cm L: 116,7cm H: 131,2cm – W: 91,2 Inches L: 45,9 Inches H: 51,7 Inches.

    One final Tip and Suggestion: Do not use new and cleaned white bricks! Dirt the white bricks to create a beautiful real effect!


    Más información:

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    . Puedes unirte a nuestro grupo fabbook: @Increíble MOC medieval , para más información o sorteos.



    Información adicional

    Peso 90000kg
    Dimensiones 116,7 × 231,8 × 131,2 cm

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