MOC-123380 Germany Neuschwanstein Castle
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MOC-123380 Germany Neuschwanstein Castle


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  • PCS: 57602 pcs
  • Licensed from designer Felix_Mezei
  • Weight: 52.0KG
  • Dimensions: W 60.0CM, L 40.0CM, H 40.0CM
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    MOC-123380 Germany Neuschwanstein Castle MOC Model Building Blocks Toys Set (57602PCS)



    .MOC-123380 Germany Neuschwanstein Castle MOC is designed and authorized by Felix_Mezei, three years in making, is a complete set with bricks and PDF building instructions.

    .With a total of 57602 premium quality particles in accurate color consistent with the parts of mainstream building blocks brands, the blocks are built with durable and sturdy holistic buildings for an impressive feel and easy disassembly.
    .Comes with easy-to-follow&delicate PDF instructions sent to the buyers via a USB flash disk .
    .Recomendado para mayores de 10 años.


    From the Designer Felix_Mezei :

    About my Neuschwanstein Castle Replica in 57,602 moc pieces.
    I am honored you decided to build my design of Neuschwanstein Castle! You buy now and you enter a select club of people who are fascinated by Neuschwanstein Castle. Here are the highlights of my design:

    Thousands of measurements were done so every detail be replicated to look like the real Castle, as close as possible from brick parts, the end result is a design made in 2,5 years working. 10-15 hours a day.

    As replicas made of moc bricks go, it is, to my knowledge, the most complete design in the world so far (in 2022) in terms of its fidelity regarding all measurements, proportions and colors, as well as the largest in terms of the number of moc bricks used: 57,602.

    The design is composed of only three modules that need to be built separately, each having its own building instruction manual. After building, they can be easily transported, attached and joined: The Gate, The Courtyard and The Body.

    The experience of building this Castle is highly pleasant, as the design is not repetitive (unlike other creations from moc bricks).

    As I am not really a big fan of SNOT (Stud Not On Top) building techniques, I tried to avoid them with this design, thus you will be delighted to experience raising Neuschwanstein Castle gradually, by laying it brick by brick, just like a true medieval mason.

    I have never liked constructions made of LEGO bricks which are composed of numerous modules that do not allow people to see what they are building until the end when they join them and finish the model.


    My design allows you to follow your progression in the building process with each wall, window, roof, decoration, etc.

    I tried to design a strong Castle with strong walls, easy to be transported, attached one to the other and displayed. The walls are made from the tiniest parts possible 1×1 and 1×2 plates because I wanted to have a realistic bricks interlocking pattern looks.

    The design wasn’t intended to have lights inside, but it will be easy to install some, there’s enough space inside. All important windows are with transparent “glass” and have an opaque panel in the back so no wires or structural resistance parts can be seen from outside. There’s enough space between each window and the panel.

    On you can get a complete set of stickers needed to be applied for completing the looks of the Castle, and lighting kit.

    Dimensions of the castle (in cm), length: 160, width: 63, height: 92, (in inches), length: 63, width: 25. height: 36. Total weight 41.33 Kg (1458 Ounces).

    You can see more details about this replica here: Neuschwanstein Replica by Felix Mezei.


    Más información:

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    . fackbook gruop: @Increíble MO medievalC , para más información o sorteos.


    Información adicional

    Peso 52 kg
    Dimensiones 60 × 40 × 40 cm