Buy MOC Modular Rock Base for your Castle
MOC-98738 5pcs/set Basic MOC Modular Rock Bases for Castle Church

MOC-98738 5pcs/set Basic MOC Modular Rock Bases for Castle Church


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    Modular Rock Base Street Views Castle Church Baseplate Small Particles Building Blocks MOC Set Designed and Authorized by szandris89 (753pcs)


    .Designed and authorized by szandris89, the original Modular Rock Base, MOC-98738 features 5 basic modules. One or more modules can be integrated into various combinations for a plate which allows the builders build their own castles, churches, pirates and other moc buildings for immersive fun. Includes the parts of the 5 basic modules. If you need to buy the duplicate modules, please feel free to contact us.
    .With a total of 753 premium quality parts in accurate color consistent with the parts of mainstream building blocks brands, the blocks without stickers are built with durable and sturdy holistic buildings for an incredible hand feel and easy disassembly. The various packages of cost-effective parts classified into types are capable of saving time in collecting parts and money on purchase for the building block enthusiasts. Compatible with building blocks sets of Danish famous brands.
    .Come with easy-to-follow PDF instructions that will be sent to the buyers in a special way so young builders can commence and finish with confidence.
    .Recommended for 10+. Packed in a graphic carton, the set is available as a perfect gift for the designers and the lovers of the building blocks, medieval period, pirates and castles, an astounding home decoration as well as an ultimate collection.

    .The Author’s Description:

    Hi All! 🙂 Please read the whole description, before purchasing this product! Thank you! Let me show you my new design of Castle (or btw. any other.. ) 3D Base. The main idea here, that I created 5 different 8×8 base 3D shapes you can see on the pictures too and from these you can create any type of 3D Bases. You can enlarge it not only in width, but also in height! The cover photo is Only an example, what you can create from many many parts of this! So the instruction is for the following: 1) Side part 1# – you can use as rock on the “side” of your mountain. 2) Side part 2# – same as before, but has another shape, not to be repetitive. 3) Middle part 3# – you can fill your rock with many of this. 4) Corner part convex 4# – you can use it when you turn 90 deg. with your wall. 5) Corner part concave 5# – same as before just in -90deg.

    Examples on the pictures, what you can build, but you need to find it out, how many you need from the parts to make your own 3D Base design. The part list contains all of these 5 shapes only one times! Please note this! Next to the instruction I add the part list in pdf separately for every single shape. In the future I plan to make more parts, to make this system still more flexible 🙂 I hope, you like it! Note: 1) you can use there any type of color everywhere excepting the dark bluish gray rock parts and the dark green grass on them. 2) Instead of 2x2x3 brick you can use 3 times 2x2x1 common brick in any color variation.

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