962pcs/set MOC-85318 Medieval Bakery Shaped Small Particle Blocks MOC Street Set Designed and Licensed by peter.keith Compatible with 21325 Blacksmith Shop
MOC-85318 Medieval Bakery- By peter.keith
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MOC-85318 Medieval Bakery- By peter.keith


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    MOC-85318 Medieval Bakery Small Particle Blocks Street View Set – By peter.keith


    Designer peter.keith
    MOC MOC-85318
    Pcs 1962
    Size Known
    Weight 1.9kg
    Instruction PDF
    Packing Carton
    Shipping 18 Days


    .Original design, designed and licensed by peter. Keith, MOC-85318 Medieval Bakery, block figures scale, based on the shape and style of European medieval history using blocks.

    .the product has a high simulation of the details and structural design, compatible with 21325 blacksmith shop.
    .Note: the product does not come with stickers and block figures, printed parts will be replaced with parts without printing, refuse to return for this reason.
    .A total of 1962 parts are included, each part is made of high-quality parts, the color is accurate, to ensure that the overall structure is solid, and comfortable to the touch, not only feel good feedback, and easy to disassemble, but the structure is also solid, the quality of the parts with the mainstream block brand; parts in bags and sub-types for packaging, the product greatly reduces the time of block enthusiasts to collect their own parts, and reduce the purchase cost, bringing This reduces the time and cost of purchase, giving block enthusiasts more time and value for money. The product is also compatible with the famous Danish brand of building block sets.
    .The instructions are electronic and easy to understand so that even people who have not come into contact with blocks can easily complete them, and the electronic instructions are sent to the buyer in a special format.
    .Suitable for people: from 10 years old, packed in several colorful boxes, extremely suitable for use as a gift, home decoration, collection, etc. It is the best gift for beginners in blocks, history, medieval, and block design.


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    Additional information

    Dimensions 48 × 35 × 10 cm