MOC-116044 Bajoran Vessel

MOC-116044 Bajoran Vessel


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This item: MOC-116044 Bajoran Vessel
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    MOC-116044 Bajoran Vessel Model Building Blocks MOC Set Toys (514PCS)


    .Originally designed and licensed by magurean.paul ,  the sturdy & exquisite model restores the Bajoran vessel, providing lots of fun by adding valuable details for maximizing the appearance and building experience. The cost-effective assembly is available as an impressive display and collection.
    .This 514PCS building blocks set is made of premium-quality material which is consistent with the mainstream building blocks brands, featuring accurate color, firm structure and comfortable hand feel for easy disassembly. Compatible with the building blocks sets from Denish prestigious brands, the product includes the parts packed in separate bags and types, reducing the purchase cost and the time for the enthusiasts to collect parts to a considerable degree.
    .The easy-to-follow electronic PDF instructions stored on a USB flash drive make it simple to assemble even for beginners.


    Bajoran Vessel: 
    .The Bajoran vessel was a versatile type of spacecraft utilized by the Bajoran Militia as an assault vessel, scout ship, and transport during the late-24th century.The Cardassian Union also used this type of vessel as an freighter during the war with the Klingons in 2372-73. Utilized by the Bajorans following the Occupation of Bajor for a variety of uses, specifically as a one-man scout and for transporting their soldiers in numbers as a transport vessel. These vessels frequently made routine stops at Deep Space 9 during the 2370s. It appears that these ships are limited to sublight propulsion, because it takes them as long as seven hours from Bajor to the station. Ship dimensions: Length: 260m Appearances: Star Space 9. The green parts can be replaced with any color.


    .Material: ABS
    .Product Weight: 500g
    .Package Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 7cm
    .Package Weight: 650g
    .Packing: Graphic Carton

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    Weight 0.65 kg
    Dimensions 27 × 17 × 7 cm