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Welcome to the Medievalbrick® affiliate marketing program. The Medievalbrick® helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With many excelent medieval MOC blocks and programs available on Medievalbrick®, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

Follow our step-by-step guide to sign up and participate in the Medievalbrick® Affiliate Program: we’ll tell you everything you need to know to start earning today from your website, blog, or any other social channel!

The affiliation is valid only for any product of the Medievalbrick® category of , it will be enough for you to copy the link of the product that you intend to advertise and paste in your control panel, once this is done, your link will be generated from affiliate.

When a visitor to your site, blog or social channel is directed to through an affiliate link you have created and placed on one of your web pages or social posts, you will receive a fixed commission of 5% in the event of a purchase by of the visitor. All commissions will be paid every “first” of the month via Paypal.




Join tens of thousands of MOC creators, publishers and bloggers who are earning with the Medievalbrick® affiliate Program.

Share Medievalbrick® medieval MOC blocks with your audience. We have easy linking tools for every publishers, individual bloggers and social media influencers.

Earn up to 5% in affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs. Our competitive conversion rates help maximize earnings.

How to Register Affiliate Program Step by Step?




Signup from the Signup Page section to register for the affiliate program if you want to become an affiliate. The affiliate can also register using social media logins with their Facebook or Google accounts.

We have sent you an account verification email. Kindly check your inbox. 

Refer your friends using the link as shown in the upper photo and earn commissions on purchases made by them



Share your coupon code with others. For every purchase someone makes using your coupon code, you get the credit. if you find No coupon code, you can request us for a coupon code to share with your followers. Contact us

Browse the for qualifying products. Paste the URL below to generate an affiliate link. Share this generated link on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc. When people visit the store using your link, you get commissions on everything they buy



Update your profile. write down the infomation like Your name, website, instagram, twitter, Youtube or Facebook if you have.

Customize your URL referral code here.
set up your payment. update your Paypal Account in your profile to get paid.

Once the registration has been made and approved by us, from your control panel you will find:

  • The number of visits that your links generate
  • The conversion rate
  • Your income generated by the affiliate program

Frequently Asked Questions

1). How does the Affiliate Program work?
You can share products and available programs on with your audience through customized linking tools and earn money on qualifying purchases and customer actions like signing up for a free trial program.

2). How do I earn in this program?
You earn from qualifying purchases and programs through the traffic you drive to Commission income for qualifying purchases and programs differ based on product category

3). How do I qualify for this program?
Bloggers, publishers and content creators and influencers with a qualifying website or mobile app can participate in this program.

4). How do I sign up to the program?
Sign up to the program here.
We will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.

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