MOC-74911 Benutzerdefiniertes alternatives modulares Street View-Set
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MOC-74911 Benutzerdefiniertes alternatives modulares Street View-Set


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  • Parts : 10462Pcs 
  • Designed and Licensed and by @gabizon.
  • Kommen Sie mit PDF-Anweisungen
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10462Pcs Custom MOC-74911 Alternative Modular Street Building Blocks DIY Small Particle Model  – Licensed and Designed by Gabizon 


.MOC-74911 Designed and licensed by gabizon. Alternative Modular Street,  compatible with models 10214, 10278, 10264, 10272, 10243 from famous blocks brands.

On this beautiful street, you’ll find a bar, 2 hotels, a swimming pool, a town hall, a sushi restaurant and a corner coffee shop. The buildings in this city are modular, when you go to the buildings, most of them can be opened, you will find more beautiful elements.

.High qualtiy bricks were utilized to ensure firm structure and great hand feel. The quality of the parts is consistent with the mainstream branded building blocks.

.Electronic instructions provided with detailed steps to simplify building process.

.There are step-by-step packaging to make finding and assembling easier.

.Compatible with the famous Danish branded building block set.


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Gewicht 11000 kg
Grösse 60 × 40 × 40 cm

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