MOC-43257 Mittelalter-Szenen-Set, bestehend aus 5 MOCs
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MOC-43257 Mittelalter-Szenen-Set, bestehend aus 5 MOCs


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    5978PCS MOC-43257 Medieval Five MOCs Building Blocks Set

    .The MOC-43257 medieval 5 mocs building blocks set is originally designed & licensed by gabizon and compatible with 21325. The product formed by 5 medieval scenes has been modified for many times for reasonable structure, firmness and perfect restoration of the scene, making a superb display and collection.

    .Although the product looks huge, it is composed of five modular parts, including The Blacksmith House, Ballista Warriors, A Wooden Barrier, Watch Tower, and Medieval Carriage. The individual building is modular, so it’s easy and fun to assemble, from floor to roof, or from front to back, with very little repetition. The designer uses the least parts to achieve the best visual effect and very special design skills & color, ensuring immersive fun during assembly.

    .The 5978PCS building blocks set is made of premium-quality material which is consistent with the mainstream building blocks brands with accurate color and stable structure for comfortable hand feel and easy disassembly. Components are packaged in different bags and types, which greatly reduces the time for building blocks enthusiasts to collect parts by themselves and the purchase cost. The cost-effective product can also be built together with the renowned Danish building blocks sets.

    . Dem Baukasten-Set liegt eine leicht verständliche elektronische PDF-Anleitung bei, die dem Käufer in einer speziellen Form zugeschickt wird, die auch Anfängern einen einfachen Zusammenbau ermöglicht.

    .Recommended for 10+ years old. The building blocks set is packed in a graphic carton and makes a perfect gift for junior designers, sci-fi space wars fans & building blocks enthusiasts, home decoration, collection, etc.


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    Gewicht 6.1 kg
    Grösse 45 × 30 × 10 cm