22007Pcs MOC-29962 European Church Street Building
MOC-29962 Modulares Gebäude in der European Church Street

MOC-29962 Modulares Gebäude in der European Church Street


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  • PCS:  22007PCS
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    Designer Das_Felixle
    MOC MOC-29962
    Stck 22007
    Größe L37cm*W78cm*H89cm
    Gewicht 16kg
    Anweisung Pdf
    Verpackung Karton
    Versand  18 Tage

    Prototype history

    The Neo-Gothic style of architecture began in England in the 1740s. the world was influenced by the Neo-Gothic style in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when a large number of Neo-Gothic buildings were built around the world.

    The Gothic Revival combines the characteristics of the original Gothic style. The Gothic revival is linked to the emergence of the medieval spirit. Neo-Gothic architecture differs significantly from the decorative style and construction principles of the original medieval buildings. Not only have some Gothic elements and some Gothic decoration been added to the architecture, but also some innovative ideas

    MOC-29962 Modulare Kathedrale - Überarbeitung!

    The cathedral is made up of over 22,000 bricks and uses many advanced techniques such as stained glass windows, a large number of vertically placed bricks and huge building blocks offset from each other by half a brick, which would be very difficult to use on a building of this size. A large model.

    The interior of the cathedral is beautifully designed and exquisitely detailed, you will find pews, sacristy collections, confessionals and everything you need for a neo-gothic church

    Modular Cathedral modular cathedral- rework! modular cathedral- rework!

    Zusätzliche Information

    Gewicht 17000 kg
    Grösse 37 × 78 × 89 cm

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