MOC-139872 Dragon’s Nest Medieval Themed
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MOC-139872 Dragon’s Nest Medieval Themed


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    MOC-139872 Dragon’s Nest Model Medieval Theme Building Blocks Toys Set (961PCS)



    .Designed and authorized by bricks_fan_uy, the original modular small building — Dragon-Nest model in medieval style can be combined with other medieval theme building blocks into a complete castle or scene. Features extremely impressive visual effect by the least parts, elaborate design techniques and color matching for immersive fun in assembly. The assembled model makes an ultimately collective ornament, as well as a source of skills tutorials for building blocks designers.
    .With a total of 961 premium quality particles in accurate color consistent with the parts of mainstream building blocks brands, the blocks are built with durable and sturdy holistic buildings for an impressive feel and easy disassembly. The various packages of cost-effective parts classified into types are capable of saving time in collecting parts and money on purchase for building block enthusiasts.
    .Comes with easy-to-follow&delicate PDF instructions sent to the buyers via a USB flash disk so young builders can commence and finish with confidence.
    .Recommended for 10+. Packed in a graphic carton, the set is available as a perfect gift for lovers of building blocks, medieval, castles and buildings as well as junior building blocks designers, making an astounding home ornament and an ultimate collection.

    . Dragon’s Nest Background Story :

    Meet the ‘ Dragon-Nest’, another one of the ‘Northern Lights’towers.
    This is more of a small castle, and the Lord of the North likes to stay here the most. So much he’s brought his personal cook here so he can enjoy his dishes here. Apart from the cook, two guards dwell in this castle in the high mountain.
    Despite these Northern towers are meant to aid travellers, this particular one has become rather infamous amongst those to pass by it. Travellers are drawn to the tower because the see the big fire atop the gatehouse burn from a great distance, but once they get close… Oh dear! As soon as they look up they see four baby dragon silhouettes cut against the starry blue sky with smoke coming from their mouths, right at the top of the main tower! And those brave enough to go on even with shaky legs, the next thing they see is a huge set of chompy dragon fangs with light of red fire inside that menacing mouth. Most run away at once.
    Now you know why the Lord of the North loves his Dragon’s Nest, it is almost the only place in his land where he is rarely disturbed.


    .Material: ABS
    .Produktgewicht: 800g
    .Packungsmaße: 27 x 17 x 7 cm
    .Package Weight: 1050g
    .Verpackung: Grafikkarton


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    Gewicht 1.05 kg
    Grösse 27 × 17 × 7 cm