1/250 Sci-Fi USCSS Prometheus Giant Space Ship With Display Stand

1/250 Sci-Fi USCSS Prometheus Giant Space Ship With Display Stand


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  • Parts: 8629Parts
  • Kommen Sie mit PDF-Anweisungen
  • Size in inches: 23,9 x 17,4 x 10,8
  • Product Weight: 6600g
  • Designed and Authorized by @bru_bri_mocs
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    1/250 Sci-Fi USCSS Prometheus Giant Space Ship With Display Stand URT Series Rover (8629PCS)



    .1/250 Sci-Fi USCSS Prometheus Giant Space Ship is designed and licensed by bru_bri_mocs.

    .featuring accurate color, firm structure and comfortable hand feel for easy disassembly.

    .Compatible with the building blocks sets from Denish prestigious brands

    .the product includes the parts packed in separate bags and types, reducing the purchase cost and the time for the enthusiasts to collect parts to a considerable degree.
    .The easy-to-follow electronic PDF instructions stored on a USB flash drive .
    .Packed in an exquisite graphic carton, the product is suitable for kids over 10 years old.

    .The assembled model makes a fantastic collection, holiday gift and educational toy for building block enthusiasts, sci-fi fans and dreamers.


    From Designer bru_bri_mocs :

    .The USCSS Prometheus is a scientific exploratory spaceship. If you love the Alien franchise, you cant miss this model! This huge MOC is a 1:250 scale model of the spaceship: it is full of details and moving parts, such as the rotating engines, or the retractable hangar/garage with the removable RT Series Rover, a little MOC of the vehicle included in the kit! You can show this model as you want: in the space flight configuration, with the tilted engines; or in the landing configuration, with the engines locked vertically and the garage lowered and opened. You can even play recreate some scene from the movie, running around with the rover, or detaching the lifeboat module!

    USCSS Prometheus” specifications:
    Parts: 9299 total (display stand: 598, spaceship model: 8628, rover model: 73)
    Size in inches: 23,9 x 17,4 x 10,8
    Size in centimeters: 60,6 x 44,1 x 27,3
    Size in studs: 75,8 x 55,2 x 34,2
    Height of the spaceship model above the display stand: 13,2 in / 33,5 cm / 41,9 studs
    Weight of the full model: 6,6 kg / 232 oz
    Year: 2022


    Packing List :

    . Sci-Fi USCSS Prometheus Giant Space Ship  (8629PCS)

    .URT Series Rover Set for USCSS Prometheus (73PCS)

    .Display Stand Building Blocks MOC Set for USCSS Prometheus (598PCS)


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    . unsere Fackbook-Gruppe: @Erstaunliches mittelalterliches MOC , für weitere Informationen oder Werbegeschenke.

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    Gewicht 7.2 kg
    Grösse 48 × 35 × 20 cm