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The 6 Best Medieval Pirate Series Building Blocks As Gift

With the continuous development of building blocks, the people who like pirate series building blocks are gradually expanding. Many moc designers have begun to design their own pirate series building blocks. So what are the best pirate building blocks in the Middle Ages? I summarize the building blocks as follows:

1、MOC-105796 Medieval Pirate Skull Island Blocks

Entworfen und autorisiert von Jonny Bricksmith, the original super fortress of the pirates features abundant&nonredundant details and incredibly detailed cohesion for immersive fun and enjoyment in assembly. Compatible with Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322.

The author says “A 3 part Pirate Fortress built in to a rocky island – an absolute beast but a lot of fun to make. Complete with cave, dungeon, treasure trove, pirate bar, armoury, prison cell with working trapdoor mechanism and lots more. Lots of hinged and moveable parts to maximise your enjoyment. This MOC contains part-lists and instructions for the entire fortress build but split in to sections so you can make this one a longer term project if you wish to, one section at a time, I hope you enjoy building this as much as we did. Feedback very welcome. YARRR!’

MOC-108172 Medieval Pirate Themed Town Blocks MOC Set

2、MOC-108172 Medieval Pirate Themed Town

Vom Designer Schlaflose Nacht.

The author says“Welcome to the pirate-era modular town! The buildings include an armory, harbor master’s office, a lockup and a gateway to the town. ”

The design background of this building block: A few years ago, with renewed interest in local trade routes, great efforts were made to refurbish buildings and the waterfront. The fortifications were strenghtened with addition of a new observation turret. Harbor Master’s Office was errected. Beautiful, intricate pavements were laid as a sign of the new prosperous era. Unfortunately, two years ago the peace of this place was disturbed again by the appearance of a pirate by the name of Redbeard and his infamous ship – the Barracuda. Now no one knows what the next day will bring.




3、MOC-69306 MOC Medieval Pirate Fortress

Vom Designer Gr33tje13.

The fort is located on two islands linked by a bridge. The island has a pier and a pirate ship, which is linked to the tower by the bridge through the front door, you can connect each room, enter the imprisonment room and the storage room, etc.



4、Corasir Revenge Corsair Series Building Blocks

The pirate is built with realistic shape design of square rigged tall ship, true-to-life body details, premium quality sails, quickly detachable cabins, decks, etc. and cannons capable of launching cannonballs. It feels like a throwback to medieval times.

This building block can make the assemblers feel the characteristics of pirate ships in the Middle Ages, let them better understand the history, and can also assemble with their families to enjoy a harmonious family atmosphere.


5、MOC-71657 Sabre Island Anno Domini

Vom Designer SleeplessNight.

“After so many years, the Barracuda has set sail again! But where will she go to? Oh, there’s land ahead… Shiver me timbers! The tower on the Sabre Island is still standing there, the Bluecoats watching approaches to Eldorado Fortress. Prepare for battle! With the Pirates back, but Bluecoats only represented by bones of one wretch, it’s time to start rebuilding the Navy. I’d like to present to You my modern remake of the classic Pirate Era set “Sabre Island”. This MOC is not particularly big or fancy. But like the 1989 original, it can be a perfect complement for the new Barracuda. With some nice external details, refined interiors, a copper-bottomed structure and not so obvious technical solutions, I think it can be a not only nice to look at, but also fun to build and play with.


6、MOC-105796 Medieval Pirate Skull Island Blocks

Von Der Designer Massenzio:

.Ich wollte das Haus des Rotbarts auf der Totenkopfinsel bauen: Es besteht aus drei Ebenen: 1) Die große Höhle mit Zugang durch eine Falltür des Obergeschosses, einem Geheimgang auf der Rückseite und einem Felsen, der die gestohlenen Schätze verbirgt; 2) Der erste Stock, zugänglich über eine in den Felsen gehauene Treppe, mit dem Haus des Rotbarts, ausgestattet mit Küche, Bad, Schlafzimmer und Wohnzimmer; 3) Das Obergeschoss mit der Wohnung der restlichen Besatzung und einem Drehkran. Größe: Breite 32 cm (40 Noppen), Länge 32 cm (40 Noppen), Höhe 35 cm (bis zur Fahne). Das Inventar enthält keine Ziegelfiguren, einige Tiere und wenig Zubehör. In dem für mich gebauten Modell habe ich einige Farben der Vegetation nach meinem Geschmack ersetzt, während sich die Teile des Inventars auf die Farben der Vegetation beziehen, die in den Rendering-Bildern zu sehen sind. Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit, viel Spaß!

That’s all for today, and more consultations and stories about building blocks will be introduced in the next issue.

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