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Work Hard,Play Harder-MOC Designer Gonzalo Carro

Work Hard,Play Harder-MOC Designer Gonzalo Carro

Gonzalo Carro is one of the Top MOC designers, from Montevideo, Uruguay. He‘s humble and thinks himself just an AFOL, keeping the LEGO Castle Theme alive one MOC at a time. I recommend following on IG brick_fan_uy because of his brilliant designs and tutorials. And if you are a fan of Vikings, just go for it and you won’t regret it.

Gonzalo Carro’s Viking series of products have been loved by many building block enthusiasts recently, so our website conducted an interview with him to learn more about him and his subsequent creations.




1. Where are you from? How and when did the interest in building blocks arise?

I’m from Uruguay, South America. My interest in building blocks started as a kid when I got my second Lego set. When I got my first set it was just another toy, the second was an expansion to what I already had and that’s how the journey began. Then as a teen I moved away from the bricks and got back as an adult during the 2020 lockdown. Then I discovered Bricklink and Studio and those were a real game changer for me.

2. What hobbies do you usually have? Have you ever created a LEGO MOC piece that you are particularly proud of?

I’m a hobby musician, I play guitar and sing for the most part. I’m very proud of the Viking MOCS I made, and also the Modular Castle keep.

3. How is building block creation integrated into your daily life now? Is it a full-time main business?

It’s not a full time business, I have a dayjob and the building is just an activity I enjoy very much doing in my spare time. My house has been taken to some extent by the bricks, but I wouldn’t say it is a business, I prefer to call it a hobby 🙂


4. Your Viking series of products are great, why did you create this series of houses? What is the design concept? What did you create this collection of products to express?

I started playing a video game called Valheim. It’s a survival game that allows you to build Viking architecture pretty easily and I noticed that I enjoyed in game building better than actually fighting and exploring, so I thought ‘why not build these things in bricks?’. And so I started with the small house, then the mead hall and ended up with that collection. The initial goal was to resemble the buildings in the game, but maintaining the piece count as low as possible and also using parts that are available for most people instead of very specific parts. I only changed that for the God House which was inspired by recent archaeological discoveries and I allowed myself to use any number of pieces for that one.


5. Can you tell me what type of building blocks you are creating now? and where you plan to develop in the future.

Since I gave my Viking series a closure I’ve been a bit lost on where to go next. I have plans but not a clear path yet. I plan to re-design an old build I called Medieval Seaside Market, which is a fortified medieval harbour. Also I would like to build more houses, simple medieval houses of different styles, not too big so everyone can build those if they like them of course.






Finally, let’s take a look at his latest works! ! ! !

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