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Why is Neuschwanstein Castle So Popular?

Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th-century Bavarian palace located in the southwestern region of Germany, near the town of Füssen. The castle is best known for its stunning architecture and breathtaking views, which have inspired countless artists, writers, and architects throughout history. In this blog, we will delve into the history and significance of Neuschwanstein Castle and explore the many reasons why it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany.


The castle was built in the late 19th century by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who was known for his love of the arts and his passion for castles. Despite his immense wealth and power, Ludwig was a deeply introspective and introverted man who preferred the solitude of his castles to the public life of a king. Neuschwanstein was one of the three castles he built during his lifetime, and it was intended to be his personal retreat from the world.

Ludwig II, The Owner Of Neuschwanstein Castle

The owner of the new swan castle, the Bavarian emperor Ludwig II, is also known as the “fairy tale king”, “swan king” and “mad king Ludwig”. He has always admired the medieval knight castle style, so he built such a medieval knight castle on the ruins of the former highland castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle is the deepest refuge of Ludwig II. From the location of Neuschwanstein Castle, the castle is located on the top of the mountain, and the road to the castle is a bridge. However, the castle was not built until the death of Ludwig II. It is said that the blueprint of Ludwig II’s Swan Castle is the castle in the story of Sleeping Beauty, which is spread in Germany.



The interior of Neuschwanstein Castle

According to records, swan images can be seen everywhere in New Swan Castle. “The Neuschwanstein Castle is full of daily necessities decorated with swans, curtains, murals, and even the faucets in the bathroom are swan-shaped.”

Surprisingly, the emperor’s residence in the New Swan Castle is not on the second floor, which is convenient to control, but on the fourth floor, which is inconvenient. On the contrary, the red corridor on the second floor is the servant’s residence. However, this point can reflect the king’s deepest fantasy about the brave knight in the Middle Ages and the most beautiful knight castle.

The Middle Ages was an era of chaos and chivalry. There was a scuffle between various vassals, the religious power and the royal power were opposed, and the division between the royal power and the vassal power was serious. Therefore, when building castles, knights often choose sites where the terrain is steep, easy to defend and difficult to attack. In this era, security is the most important. In order to ensure their personal safety, knights will arrange their rooms outside the range of weapons, that is, the floors above the second floor that can guarantee absolute safety. At the same time, in order to communicate with the servants in a timely manner and obtain military and other information, the fourth floor is the most appropriate floor.

The architectural influence of Neuschwanstein Castle

The architecture of Neuschwanstein is heavily influenced by medieval castles and the Romantic style of the 19th century. The exterior of the castle is adorned with crenellated towers, arches, and other architectural elements that are typical of medieval castles. The interior of the castle is equally impressive, with intricate details, richly decorated walls, and opulent furnishings. The castle also features a beautiful courtyard and a stunning view of the surrounding countryside, which was a source of inspiration for many artists and writers throughout history.

Despite its relatively short history, Neuschwanstein Castle has had a significant impact on the world of architecture and design. The castle is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and influential structures of the 19th century, and its architectural style has been imitated and adapted by many other architects and designers in the years since it was built. The castle has also been featured in numerous films, including the classic Disney animated film “Sleeping Beauty,” which was based on the story of the castle’s namesake, Princess Swan.


In addition to its architectural significance, Neuschwanstein Castle is also famous for its stunning natural setting. The castle is situated on a hilltop surrounded by forests, rolling hills, and picturesque lakes, and its location provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors to the castle can explore the beautiful gardens and hike the many trails that wind through the surrounding countryside, which are filled with breathtaking vistas and breathtaking landscapes.

The castle is also an important cultural landmark, and its history is rich with legends and stories. For example, many visitors to the castle are intrigued by the story of King Ludwig II, who is said to have been a recluse and a lover of the arts. The castle is also said to be haunted by the ghosts of King Ludwig and other members of the royal family, and many visitors to the castle claim to have experienced strange and mysterious events while visiting the castle.


Today, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany, attracting millions of visitors each year. The castle is open to visitors year-round, and visitors can tour the interior of the castle and explore the surrounding countryside. There are also many other attractions nearby, including the beautiful lakes, hiking trails, and cultural landmarks of the region.

In conclusion, Neuschwanstein Castle is an amazing example of 19th-century architecture and design, and a testament to the incredible creativity and passion of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The castle is a stunning and captivating place to visit, with its intricate details, rich history, and breathtaking natural setting, and it is sure to inspire and delight visitors for generations to come. Whether you are an architecture buff, a history lover, or simply someone who enjoys beautiful landscapes



After many visits to Neuschwanstein Castle, moc designers Felix_ Mezei created the Perfect Neuschwanstein Castle Replica . This set of Neuschwanstein Castle MOC  sale price is  $2799.99 in medievalbrick . If you are interested in it, you may as well buying a set. This is a beautiful artwork with high viewing value and collection value

Here are the introduction of designer Felix_Mezei :


Thousands of measurements were done so every detail be replicated to look like the real Castle, as close as possible from LEGO parts, the end result is a design made in 2,5 years working 10-15 hours a day.

As replicas made of LEGO bricks go, it is, to my knowledge, the most complete design in the world so far (in 2022) in terms of its fidelity regarding all measurements, proportions and colors, as well as the largest in terms of the number of LEGO bricks used: 57,640.

The design is composed of only three modules that need to be built separately, each having its own building instruction manual. After building, they can be easily transported, attached and joined: The Gate, The Courtyard and The Body.

The experience of building this Castle is highly pleasant, as the design is not repetitive (unlike other creations from LEGO bricks).

As I am not really a big fan of SNOT (Stud Not On Top) building techniques, I tried to avoid them with this design, thus you will be delighted to experience raising Neuschwanstein Castle gradually, by laying it brick by brick, just like a true medieval mason.

My design allows you to follow your progression in the building process with each wall, window, roof, decoration, etc.
I tried to design a strong Castle with strong walls, easy to be transported, attached one to the other and displayed. The walls are made from the tiniest parts possible 1×1 and 1×2 plates because I wanted to have a realistic bricks interlocking pattern looks.

The design wasn’t intended to have lights inside, but it will be easy to install some, there’s enough space inside. All important windows are with transparent “glass” and have an opaque panel in the back so no wires or structural resistance parts can be seen from outside. There’s enough space between each window and the panel.

Dimensions of the castle (in cm), length: 160, width: 63, height: 92, (in inches), length: 63, width: 25. height: 36. Total weight 41.33 Kg (1458 Ounces).

You can see more details about this replica here: Neuschwanstein Replica by Felix Mezei.

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