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10 Most Famous Pirate Ships

In the era of great navigation, businessmen were frightened when they heard that pirate ships were coming. Especially in the golden age of pirates in the early 17th and 18th centuries, people at that time were impressed by the robbery and plunder at sea, and the pirate ship, as a means of transportation for pirates to rob, became a nightmare for many people.

What was most famous pirate ships ever ? Sea pirates have made their presence known in the maritime sector almost from the beginning of the industry’s existence. Today I will show you the 10 Most famous Pirate Ships in History .

1. Adventure Yacht


The Adventure Yacht has 34 standard guns and a displacement of 284 tons. The original mission was to fight pirate ships and French warships in the Indian Ocean, with 150 crew members under the command of Captain William Kidd. Starting from New York Port in September 1696, the mission of combating piracy was carried out under the authorization of the British government. However, the voyage was not smooth. Shortly after leaving the port, some crew members found a hole on the ship due to disrepair, which would cause the whole ship to be scrapped. So the captain decided to use it to plunder a French merchant ship full of goods to replace the Adventure Yacht.

Although the robbery was successful, after returning to England, the captain was sentenced to piracy, hanged, and hung his body along the Thames River to warn other pirates. The Adventure Yacht also sank to the sea. This is a pirate ship authorized by the British government, so its strength is very strong. It can rank first among the ten famous pirate ships.

2. Queen Anne's Revenge

Blackbeard should be familiar to everyone. He is a famous pirate captain (he often appears as a pirate in the animation). In November 1717, the famous pirate Blackbeard hijacked a French slave transport ship, and then transformed it into 26 guns from the original 14 guns, and renamed it “Queen Anne’s Revenge”. 


The queen anne’s revenge real pirate ship, which required 280 sailors to operate, soon became the most formidable pirate ship in the Caribbean and North America. In an operation in 1718, Queen Anne’s Revenge robbed five merchant ships at one time, but unfortunately hit a reef on the way back to the port, ending the legendary pirate ship. However, some people suspected that Blackbeard deliberately sank the ship and intended to wash his hands in a golden basin. At the same time, he could also kill some pirates and increase the amount of treasure he was given.

3. Golden Deer


Among the ten famous pirate ships, the Golden Deer is only equipped with 18 guns, but its captain, Francis Drake, is the first Englishman to travel around the world, and his plundering level is very high. The wealth he seizes all the way around the Pacific can arm a fleet! The main purpose of pirate ships is to rob money, not necessarily to have the strongest fighting power, so the Golden Deer is one of the most famous pirate ships in the golden age of pirates.

The Vita was originally a slave ship with a displacement of 300 tons and a very fast speed, which could reach a speed of 13 knots under ideal conditions. In that era, it was almost a “necessary artifact” for looting. This ship was intercepted by two pirate ships in a trade in 1717, and finally captured by the pirate Sam Belami (Black Sam), and became the flagship of Black Sam. After transformation, Black Sam placed 28 cannons on the ship, operated by 146 crew members. Within two months after the completion of the renovation, 50 merchant ships were captured or extorted, but it was not long before the storm hit the rocks and sank. It was not discovered until 1984. Archaeologists found a lot of gold, silver and jewelry on it.

4. Royal Treasure


In 1720, the famous pirate Bartholomew Roberts (Hebat) captured the French warship Royal Treasure. He followed the original name of the warship and transformed it into a pirate ship. The ship was equipped with 42 cannons and 157 men for operation. After that, it won many battles with the British Navy.

Until 1722, the British Royal Navy sent a huge fleet to fight pirates, and several British warships besieged the Royal Treasure. The captain, Herbert, was directly hit by a shell and died on the spot. The Royal Navy successfully recovered the warship and brought it back to Britain.

5. Fantasy Pirate Ship


The Fantasy was originally a warship specially designed by Spain to fight pirates. It was equipped with 46 guns and operated by 140 naval forces under the command of Henry Evan. In May 1694, Henry and his crew rebelled and became pirates, and plundered merchant ships in the Indian Ocean.

In June of the same year, the Fantasy hit an Indian treasure carrier, which became the largest single attack on cargo in the history of pirates. However, the Fantasy disappeared mysteriously when it was loaded with treasure to sell stolen goods in the Caribbean. No one has found any clues yet.

6. Speaker


The pirateship carried 50 guns and was captured by John Bowen and George Potts in 1700, thus becoming a pirate ship. After that, the speaker began to plunder at sea. The most successful achievement was to fight and win with 13 large ships at the same time, and also gained a fortune worth 100000 pounds. However, in 1702, the pirate ship hit the rocks and sank after a plunder, and then withdrew from the ranks of pirate ships.

7. Happy Delivery


Although it is a small pirate ship with only 16 ordinary cannons and 50 soldiers, it can also be ranked among the top ten famous pirate ships. The reason for this is that the ship has a powerful captain – Henry Fowler. Under his command, the success rate of happy childbirth and plunder is very high, and it is extremely famous at sea.

8. Shengyang


This is a pirate ship with 35 guns. The captain is Christopher Moody and the members are 135. The ship and a slightly smaller pirate ship once controlled the sea area near Christopher Island for many years, which interrupted the sea traffic in this area for a time, but was later driven away by the Royal Navy.

9. Bachelor revelry


The pirate ship’s attack power is not significant, and it has no record of war, but its evil deeds are mottled. In 1684, John Cook and Edward Davis drove a bachelor party, were hijacked by pirates in West Africa, and raided many Spanish towns and ships in South America. It is famous for bullying the weak and cruel. It has also been listed in the top ten most horrible pirate ships, but it can only be ranked last in the top ten famous pirate ships.

10. Ganji Pirate Ship



This was the largest ship in India. It was used by the cruel and bloody pirate Henry, equipped with dozens of cannons and 400 riflemen. Every bold and lucky plan allowed him and his men to capture and plunder this ship. The gold on the ship is worth about 600000 pounds, about tens of millions of pounds today.



After reading the above introduction of the ten famous pirate ships, I believe you all know something! In the western sea area, although navigation is developed, it really depends on luck to survive safely. After all, pirates were too rampant at that time. In this way, modern society is really good, and safe life is the king!

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