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Thanksgiving Day , How Much Do You Know ? – Medievalbrick

1. History of Thanksgiving Day

Do you really know about Thanksgiving? Facts have proved that there is a story behind Thanksgiving Day. In 1620, the early immigrants who were full of expectations for immigrants came to a new continent. However, the first winter was not easy. Under the pressure of cold and hunger, wild animals are rampant. It was not until more than 50 people died that the hard winter had just passed.

Just when everyone felt that they could not survive, the knowledgeable and kind Indians not only sent necessities, but also carefully taught them how to hunt, fish, grow crops and raise turkeys.

After settling down, in November this year, they held a grand celebration to make turkey into delicious food and thank God and selfless Indians together. This is the origin of Thanksgiving Day in the beautiful countryside. At first, there was no fixed date for Thanksgiving. Before independence, the fourth Thursday in November was designated as Thanksgiving Day.



2. How does the turkey occupy the center of the stage?

The menu for the 1621 harvest celebration included stewed meat, corn, shellfish, corn flour, beans, nuts, dried fruit, pumpkins – and, of course, turkey.


Turkey is one of the Thanksgiving foods dating back to the first Thanksgiving. According to the fifth edition of the book “Holiday Symbols and Customs”, the Puritans and Native Americans were likely to hunt and eat birds, such as geese, ducks, or turkeys. This kind of local large poultry is relatively easy to catch, so it soon became an important food source for early American settlers.


It is unclear whether the turkey was roasted, stewed or boiled in a large pot at the harvest celebration party. These cooking methods were recorded later. However, it is likely that the leftovers from the first day of roasting will be boiled in a large pot as the broth for the next day, which is similar to the gravy (now commonly used by Westerners).


The custom of breaking fork bones to make wishes can be traced back to Roman times, and people who break large pieces of fork bones get good luck. Before the Puritans brought this custom to America, it must have been a deep-rooted custom in Britain.

From the 17th century to the early 19th century, it was very important to have three to four courses of meat on a banquet to determine whether it was a feast. The turkey occupied the center of the stage early – after World War II, it was more respected due to its comprehensive marketing activities. Now, according to Holiday Symbols and Customs, Americans eat 690 million pounds of turkey every Thanksgiving.



According to statistics, during Thanksgiving Day in recent years, at least 345000 tons of turkeys were eaten, and only one lucky turkey will be pardoned by the President, who will spend his life safely on the farm. In fact, the first popular main course is roast goose eggs, because there are not many geese in North America, but turkeys are all over the mountains. 

So in order to thank the aborigines for their help, they replaced the roast goose with roast turkey. The custom of eating turkey continues today, becoming a symbol of Thanksgiving. But for us, the taste may not be very good, but it is. This does not prevent you from thanking your family and friends today. Who do you want to thank most?

3. What's the way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day?


Thanksgiving Day is a traditional American holiday. It aims to thank some people and things in our lives. We can do these things on Thanksgiving,


1. Go out to eat and sing with friends to enhance the friendship between friends and thank them for their company,


2. Talk with colleagues, encourage each other and thank them for their help in life and work,


3. Get together with your family, prepare rich meals, chat with each other about family affairs, and appreciate their efforts and encouragement


4. Go to church to pray, calm down, and be devoutly grateful to all the people who have helped them and the things they are grateful for.


4. Black Friday

Christmas shopping in America usually starts after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November every year, so the second day of Thanksgiving Day is the first day of procurement for the National People’s Congress of the United States. On this day, stores in the United States will launch a large number of discounts and concessions to carry out the last large-scale promotion at the end of the year.

As American shopping centers usually record deficits in red ink and profits in black ink, there was a frenzy of shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which greatly increased the profits of shopping centers, so it was called Black Friday by businesses.



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